7 K-Pop Beauty Products To Appease Your Online Shopping Addiction During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Adding these to our carts ASAP.

While everyone is stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of people have turned to online shopping as a way to find something to do. These 7 K-Pop themed beauty products are the perfect things to entertain ourselves with, without breaking the bank.

1. MEDIHEAL X BTS Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask

Both BTS and tea tree oil have calming properties— it’s science.

The ultimate way to relax during a stressful time would be using sheet masks while admiring the photocards that come with the set when you order it.


2. BLACKPINK Heart Soap Set

If you’re anything like us, this BLACKPINK heart-shaped soap is not a want, but a need.

The set comes with two soaps, one being a solid baby pink and the other a glittery magenta.

3. Tony Moly X MONSTA X Personal Hair Color Blending Treatment

If you’re down for a spontaneous adventure, MONSTA X‘s hair treatment is the way to go.

This hair color leaves your hair softer and shinier with a long-lasting shade and doesn’t cause any damage.

4. INNISFREE X Wanna One Volcanic Color Clay Mask

The “I’m Hungry” mask made famous by Wanna One is a colorful and exciting way to take care of your skin.

Each color has different benefits, so feel free to get creative and combine them to your liking!

5. Red Velvet X Etude House Matte Chic Lip Laquer

A red lip can boost anyone’s morale and there’s no reason not to rock a colored pout when you’re stuck at home.

From berry to coral to ruby, these shades have got all your glam needs covered.

6. EXO X Nature Republic The War Power Sheet Mask

These patches from EXO put a unique twist on sheet masks.

I don’t think we need to explain why putting your bias on your cheek is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.

7. GOT7 X It’s Skin Aloe Sheet Mask

GOT7‘s masks, on the other hand, have a different member’s face on the varying types.

You can also get the group version if the decision is just too hard to make.