These Are The Top 12 Best Chosen K-Pop Group Names, Based On SEO Searches

These group names were well-chosen in terms of Google searches.

Pretty much every K-Pop group has a creative name in some way, whether it’s a pun, a play on words, a clever acronym, or just has a lot of meaning behind the word(s). However, when it comes to Google searches and search engine optimization (SEO) to help fans find content of the group, there are definitely some that have more SEO-friendly names than others. Here are the 12 K-Pop groups (including both active and inactive ones) that have the best names in terms of search engine ranking.


CNBLUE’s name searched on Google will get you 11,600,000 results! Their name is short for “Code Name” (the CN) and “Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional” (the BLUE) to describe each of the 4 members, and its uniqueness has helped fans find them since they debuted back in 2009.


Looking up this popular girl group’s name will bring up 9,560,000 search results on Google. The name MOMOLAND is super cute along with being very creative and unique, so it’s no wonder that they’ve done well lately, especially since fans won’t have any trouble finding their content.

10. B1A4

Searching B1A4’s name will bring you 9,010,000 results on Google! The reason the group has the name was because, when they still had all 5 members, 4 of them had A blood type, and 1 had B blood type. Unfortunately their name doesn’t make as much sense now that Jinyoung and Baro are gone, but it’s still very creative!

9. 14U

Searching for 14U on Google will bring up 8,910,000 results. While it may look like it should be pronounced “fourteen you”, it’s actually spoken as “one for you”, which is cool! Sadly they have disbanded, but at least they had an SEO-friendly name.

8. Weki Meki

Looking up Weki Meki will get you 5,040,000 search results on Google. According to their company, Fantagio, their name has this meaning: “‘Meki’ refers to eight unique girls who each hold keys that identify one another and ‘Weki’ refers to the girls as a group once they meet and come to possess another key that opens a new world.” It certainly is unique!


Even though they have sadly disbanded, PRISTIN will get you 3,610,000 results on Google. The group’s name was supposed to be a combination of “prismatic” (bright and vivid) and “elastin” (flawless strength), which together had the meaning “We will become top stars by combining each of our charms that shine brightly.” Fans still mourn this gone-too-soon group.


UP10TION is a talented group that definitely deserves more recognition, and if you look them up, you’ll get 3,350,000 results. While it was a bit of a risk for them to include their member number — 10 — in the group name, fortunately no one has officially left the group, so it still works well!

5. gugudan

Even though this group has been inactive for a while, looking them up on Google will get you 3,090,000 results. Their name is unique in that it means “multiplication table” in Korean, though since they lost a member, it makes less sense now since “gugu” in particular means “nine by nine”, and they have 8 members today.

4. IN2IT

Looking up IN2IT on Google will bring up just 2,170,000 search results! With both a clever name and a clever fanbase name (IN2U), this group’s company definitely knew what they were doing when creating them.


Another group that sadly disbanded, searching for FIESTAR on Google will get you 1,670,000 results. Another name that’s a mashup of two words, FIESTAR is a combination of “fiesta” and “star”. Definitely creative enough for SEO!


SNUPER’s name brings up only 754,000 search results on Google! While their name is very close to the word “sniper” and thus might be auto-corrected or guessed by Google, if you look up their name accurately, they’re easy to find.


And finally, searching JJCC brings up just 740,000 search results on Google. This group started by Jackie Chan unfortunately hasn’t found a lot of success, but at least they have an easy time being found when searched!

Source: YouTube
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