These Are The Top 12 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums Ever From JYP Entertainment Arists

The top 3 might surprise you!

JYP Entertainment is one of the most successful K-Pop companies in the modern day, and for good reason! They have many successful artists such as TWICE, GOT7, Stray Kids, ITZY, 2PM, DAY6, and J.Y. Park himself, among others! These are the 12 best-selling albums that the company has released, some of which might be a surprise!

12. Twicetagram by TWICE

Released on October 30, 2017, Twicetagram has sold 394.9k copies to date!

11. Coming-of-Age Ceremony by Park Jiyoon

Released on July 26, 2000, Coming-of-Age Ceremony has sold 412.4k copies to date!

10. What Is Love? by TWICE

Released on April 9, 2018, What Is Love? has sold 414.7k copies to date!

9. Fancy You by TWICE

Released on April 22, 2019, Fancy You has sold 422.4k copies to date!

8. DYE by GOT7

Released on April 20, 2020, DYE has sold 454.4k copies to date!

7. Feel Special by TWICE

Released on September 23, 2019, Feel Special has sold 457.5k copies to date!

6. Blue City by J.Y. Park

Released on September 1, 1994, Blue City has sold 470.0k copies to date!

5. TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 by TWICE

Released on October 24, 2016, TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 has sold 481.3k copies to date!

4. More & More by TWICE

Released on June 1, 2020, More & More has sold 570.0k copies to date!

3. Even After 10 Years by J.Y. Park

Released on January 2, 1998, Even After 10 Years has sold 710.0k copies to date!

2. 썸머징글벨 by J.Y. Park

Released on September 1, 1996, 썸머징글벨 has sold 720.0k copies to date!

1. Tantara by J.Y. Park

Released on September 1, 1995, Tantara has sold 830.0k copies to date!

Were you surprised by the list?

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