5 “Blue” K-Pop Songs That Will Get You In Your Feelings

Get your tissues ready for #4.

All of these songs have at least one thing in common: They reference the color “blue” in some way. Other than that, they are all incredibly dreamy, nostalgic, and melancholic in a way. Listen to these songs when you’re feeling blue for some comfort.

1. “Blue Side” – J-Hope

Released as the outro on his mixtape “Hope World,” J-Hope‘s “Blue Side” refers to a dreamy, blue vibe inspired by the wind and sky.

J-Hope says the song references a nostalgic feeling of wanting to go back to a time when he was “young and clueless,” referencing his life before fame and the simplicity as Jung Hoseok instead of “J-Hope.”

Having written the song three years prior to his mixtape, J-Hope chose it as the outro as it rounds off the tracklist nicely. The thought-provoking sound is almost trance-like as the song trails off.

2. “Blue” – Sungwoon

Sungwoon‘s “Blue” also contains messages of the past, but focuses more on the failed attempt of escaping these past memories.

Released on his second mini album “BXXX,” he states he tries to capture the “cool and refreshing atmosphere of summer into an album.”

“Blue” looks at his feelings of the past that are invading his dreams where he is consumed by this nostalgic longing.

3. “Blue” – BIG BANG

Described as a song about “emptiness, longing, and sorrow,” BIG BANG‘s “Blue” has melancholic charms.

Despite the song’s somewhat gloomy content, it still has a cozy feeling to it. T.O.P says “It’s a song that warms the heart and makes me feel comforted.”

4. “Blue” – Onew

Onew‘s “Blue” has an ominous feel, especially when watching the music video.

Poetic lyrics feel heavy on the heart, especially with lines like “At this quiet moment, I know the joy of solitude.”

This solo debut showcases his soulful and powerful voice, and is easily able to be connected to emotionally.

5. “Blue Rose” – UP10TION

A song that is heavy in a different way, UP10TION‘s “Blue Rose” tells tales of a dramatic love.

A blue rose is often symbolic of unrequited or unattainable love, representing the pain of longing for someone.

Lines like “Even if it hurts me I’m falling for you” are symbolic of the rose’s thorns, and totally amp up the drama.