7 Times K-Pop Boy Group Members Got Played Dirty With Little To No Lines

This is, sadly, still a modern-day occurrence in K-Pop.

We recently took a look at K-Pop girl groups songs with unfairly distributed lines, but it’s certainly not limited to them. There are many boy group songs with this issue too.

When an idol puts so much work and effort into living their dream job, it’s frustrating for fans — and certainly, for the idols themselves — to see them get little time to show their vocal skills on stage.

Here are 7 K-Pop boy group songs that have been criticized for how their lines are distributed.

1. “Regular” (English Version) by NCT 127

For this, it might make sense if the members more familiar with English had the most lines… But besides Mark, that’s definitely not the case.

2. “Dynamite” by BTS

The nature of this song — with it being a heavily vocal track — was likely why the rappers in particular got so few lines, but J-Hope and Suga really barely had any at all, which doesn’t seem right for this massive hit.

3. “Hellevator” by Stray Kids

This may have been a pre-debut song, but that doesn’t make it any fairer that some members had so few lines.


Groups with more members tend to more frequently have songs with drastically different amounts of lines between members, but since TREASURE is still so young, hopefully this will get better with time, especially as some of the Japanese members might not be totally comfortable with their Korean skills yet.

5. “Promise” by EXO

EXO’s line distributions can vary quite a bit, though it seems that when they do have more uneven lines, certain members — especially Sehun and Kai — seem to be the ones getting the least.

6. “Very Nice” by SEVENTEEN

While SEVENTEEN actually usually has a fairly even amount of lines, especially for having thirteen members, “Very Nice” definitely wasn’t one of those cases, with China line Jun and The8 (as well as Hoshi) especially being neglected.

7. “Chain” by NCT 127

Unfortunately, NCT 127 has a tendency for certain members to have more lines than others, and there are actually several more like this besides the ones on this list.

Though there are plenty more examples besides this, these are definitely some of the worst cases!

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