7 Times K-Pop Girl Group Members Got Played Dirty With Little To No Lines

One member had no lines at all, even when not on hiatus.

Just recently, it came to light that (G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua received a very small portion of the total lines in the group’s brand new song, “HWAA”, off of their I Burn album.

Line distributions, by percentage, for (G)I-DLE’s “HWAA”

Because of the unfairness of the lines in this song, a Chinese fan club of (G)I-DLE has even gone as far as to halt album orders until their company, CUBE Entertainment, changes this.

In light of this situation, K-Pop fans have been bringing up other K-Pop songs that have incredibly uneven line distributions. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat common occurrence in the music genre, and fans have long discussed whether or not these instances are really fair to the idols who have worked so hard to get where they are, only to have just a few seconds in a song to perform.

Here are 7 other K-Pop girl group songs that have a very uneven line distribution.

1. “Save Me, Save You” by Cosmic Girls

This one is particularly bewildering, considering that Dawon is a main vocalist in the group.

2. “April Story” by APRIL

Chaekyung and Yena have few enough lines as it is, but how did Rachel end up with absolutely no lines at all?

3. “Hi High” by LOONA

Like in the case of Cosmic Girls, Haseul is a main vocalist for the group which makes this extra bizarre, but Hyunjin and Vivi got the short end of the stick too.

4. “I Can’t Stop Me” by TWICE

This song was already pretty heavily discussed due to just how uneven the line distribution is, but it’s worth mentioning again since Nayeon has over six times the amount of lines as Momo.

5. “No Lie” by EVERGLOW

Though this isn’t a title track song, it certainly deserves attention because of just how skewed the lines are with over 3/4 of the song belonging to two members.

6. “You & I” by IZ*ONE

Again, this isn’t a title track song, but these larger groups really do have a habit of giving just a couple members a majority of the lines sometimes.

7. “So What” by LOONA

Unfortunately, “Hi High” isn’t the only song in LOONA’s discography that had an extremely uneven distribution of lines.

These are just a few examples of many songs that fans think should be shared more evenly among the group members!

Source: The Qoo

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