8 Collabs Between K-Pop Groups That Fans Are Desperate To See

All of these would be fire. 🔥

If you stan multiple K-Pop groups, there’s no doubt that you’ve wished for them to collaborate at some point. While idols do perform together at award shows and festivals for special stages, unfortunately there aren’t that many times when groups collaborate with one another on tracks. So here are some collaborations that fans would love to see come true, no matter how unlikely they are!

| MONSTA X’s I.M (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo (right).



It’s no secret that these two groups are good friends–they’ve even earned themselves the nickname “Monteen”! Fans know a collaboration between the two would be amazing, simply because their chemistry is already great.

2. WINNER’s Mino and BigBang’s G-Dragon

Two legends of the K-Pop industry working together? Yes, please!

3. Stray Kids and BTS

While this may seem like a surprising request, it seems to be a fan-favorite.

4. NCT and LOONA

After founder of SM Entertainment and producer Lee Soo Man reportedly worked with LOONA, fans became even more eager to see them collaborate with NCT.

5.VICTON’s Seungwoo and WOODZ

Both Seungwoo and WOODZ were part of the X1 lineup, so fans are hopeful about hearing a duet from them soon.

6. LOONA and Dreamcatcher

Imagine how amazing this collab would be!

7. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and BTS’ RM

It seems as though fans have been asking for this collab for years!

8. Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun

Their voices would work so well together.