18 More K-Pop Comebacks & Debuts To Look Forward To In August

Whose comeback are you most looking forward to?

A couple of weeks ago, we made a listย of over a dozen K-Pop comebacks to look forward to in August. Now that the month has arrived, more comebacks and debuts have been announced that will be released in the next couple of weeks! Here are 18 more K-Pop debuts and comebacks for fans to look forward to in August.

August 4: SKYLE Debut

On August 4, the new four-member girl group SKYLE will be making their debut underย Good Luck Entertainment with their first single album,ย Fly Up High, at 12PM KST/August 3 at 11PM EST!

August 7: Kang Insoo (MYNAME) Solo Comeback

On August 7, MYNAME’s lead vocalist Insoo will be making a comeback with his first digital single album,ย Love Yourself, at 12 PM KST/August 6 at 11PM EST.

August 9: Hyoyeon (DJ HYO) Solo Comeback

On August 9, Girls’ Generation member (under the soloist name DJ HYO) will be releasing a single album with the title song “Second” featuringย BIBI.

August 9: THE BOYZ Comeback

Also on August 9, THE BOYZ will be coming out with their 6th mini-album,ย THRILL-ING, at 6PM KST/5AM EST!

August 9: Ha Sungwoon Comeback

Lastly on August 9, at 6PM KST/5AM EST, soloist Ha Sungwoon is planning on coming out with the album calledย Select Shop, which is a repackage of his 5th mini-album,ย Sneakers, that came out in June.

August 10: BDC Comeback

On August 10, BDC will drop the single album calledย Moon Walker at 6PM KST/5AM EST.

August 10: Hyolyn & Dasom Release

Also on August 10, formerย SISTAR members Hyolyn and Dasom ae planning on releasing a song together called “Summer or Summer” at 6PM KST/5AM EST!

August 10: Ten (WayV/NCT/SuperM) Solo Comeback

Yet another release on August 10, multi-group member Ten is going to release the solo song “Paint Me Naked” at 6PM KST/5AM EST!

August 10: TRIPLE 7 (B.I.G X 3YE) Project Debut

Finally on August 10, at 6PM KST/5AM EST, a collaboration project is planned between groups B.I.G and 3YE called TRIPLE 7, to release a song called “Presente”.

August 11: Hi-L Debut

On August 11 at 12PM KST/August 10 at 11PM EST, 6-member girl group Hi-L is going to make their debut underย Kpop Live Entertainmentย with the albumย Go High.

August 12: MAKAMAKA Comeback

On August 12, MAKAMAKA will be coming out with their second single album titledย Hey U at 12PM KST/August 11 at 11PM EST.

August 12: Park Jihoon Comeback

Also on August 12, at 6PM KST/5AM EST, soloist Park Jihoon is planning on releasing his fourth mini-album titledย My Collection!

August 12: Bz-Boys Comeback

Finally on August 12, Bz-Boys will come back with their latest albumย Contrast with the title song “Close Your Eyes”.

August 16: Red Velvet Comeback

On August 16 at 6PM KST/5AM EST, Red Velvet will be making their long-awaited comeback with the albumย Queendom!

August 19: CRAVITY Comeback

On August 19, CRAVITY is planning on releasing their first full-length studio album, PART 1 – THE AWAKENING: Written In The Stars!

August 23: Stray Kids Comeback

On August 23, Stray Kids will be releasing their first album in nearly a year with the full-length albumย NOEASY and title track “Cheese”.

August 23: VERIVERY Comeback

Also on August 23, VERIVERY is planning on releasing their 6th mini-album titledย Series ‘O’ Round 2: Hole at 6PM KST/5AM EST.

August 26: Jay B (GOT7) Solo Debut


On August 26,ย GOT7 leader, main vocalist, and lead dancer Jay B is planning to come out with his solo debut EP with seven tracks total, including the pre-release “Switch It Up”!