Here Are The 7 Main Differences Between K-Pop Concerts And Western Concerts You Should Know

#3 might make you say “WTF” if you’ve never been to a K-Pop concert.

If you’ve never been to a K-Pop concert, don’t expect it to be just like the average concert for a western artist. There are a few key differences that are good to know beforehand and will prepare you for the best experience, like, ever.

1. K-Pop is the main event.

For western concerts, it’s typical to have a lineup of multiple artists and/or bands. This starts with the opening act and progresses to the main act, which is usually the artist you’ve come to see.

For touring K-Pop artists, it’s a one-act show. Your faves will be on stage from the moment the show starts until you wipe your last tears during the encore.

2. Got a free hand…or two?

During K-Pop concerts, it’s totally normal to hold your lightstick in one hand, your banner in the other, somehow also carry a sign with your bias’ name, oh yes, and don’t forget to record everything on your phone.

For other concerts, you’ll typically only see fans with their phones or their hands in the air!

3. Concert attire.

It’s totally acceptable for K-Pop fans to go all out, wearing their bias shirts, a headband with their name, or both.


Dressing like this definitely isn’t required, though. Typically, for a western concert, fans wear a standard cute outfit depending on their taste (which is totally fine for a K-Pop concert, too!)

4. Meet-and-greet opportunities are aplenty.

Many K-Pop artists will include different types of tickets that can often score you access to a photo op, meet-and-greet, or some other once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Unless the western pop artist you’re trying to see is a bit more “underground,” chances are you won’t be able to meet them so easily.

5. Be ready for anything when it comes to price.

It varies depending on the artist, but scoring some good K-Pop concert seats can go upwards of a few hundred dollars…if you can even get them from someone who isn’t totally gouging you for money.

There’s a ton of factors to consider for western artists’ concert prices, such as location and the status of the artist, but overall there’s probably a better chance to get tickets when they initially go on sale and avoid any crazy prices.

6. Traveling might be your only option.

Most western artists hit plenty of cities on the tours, so there’s bound to be one at least within driving distance for you.

Sadly, sometimes K-Pop artists will have as little as four cities and call it a U.S. tour, so be prepared to book your plane ticket and hotel ASAP.

7. It can get pretty serious.

Depending on if your K-Pop concert is general admission (“first come, first serve” seats!), it’s possible fans could line up in the wee hours of the morning, or even come days early to camp out.

Though this is much less common for western shows, it still could possibly happen for some artists with dedicated fans!