8 Things You Are Doing Wrong Before A K-Pop Concert

The ultimate guide to making sure the only tears you cry are for your bias’ visuals.

With a slew of tours announced in 2020, there will be no shortage of K-Pop concerts this year. Preparing in the correct way is absolutely vital, and this guide will point out all of the mistakes you’re making.

1. Bringing any old backpack.

With many venues enforcing stricter bag laws, it’s essential to find the proper information when it comes to what you can bring inside. Often times, clear bags that are max 12″ x 6″ x 12″ are in the safe zone. Due to the rise of the clear bag trend, you can easily purchase them at a variety of places.

Plus, they are super cute to decorate with pins and key chains!

2. Not thinking long and hard about your shoe choice.

Depending on where your seat is in the venue, you will need to plan your choice of shoe accordingly. If your seat is on the floor, chances are you will need to see over some peoples heads to enjoy the show. Luckily, there are various choices of platform sneakers and boots that will give you the height you need as well the support. Just make sure to break them in before the show to avoid any unwanted pain and make sure they are comfortable!

If you are in a seat that is a bit further back, we recommend wearing comfortable sneakers or boots to assist you with all of the walking. At the end of the day, you know yourself the best and what will make you feel most comfortable, so go with your gut.

3. Only bringing a credit card.

Pocket money is vital for K-Pop concerts, especially small bills. That way, you can easily get a bottle of water or maybe some fan goods. More expensive things like bigger pieces of merch can be put on the card.

4. Not booking your hotel ASAP.

Hotels are often the last thing to come to a K-Pop newbies mind, but veterans know that booking early is a vital piece of the process. Unless you are in driving distance of a show, you will need to be thoughtful of where you are staying, how close it is to the venue, and who will be staying with you.

5. Grabbing your phone and going.

Your tech should be prepared accordingly a few days before embarking for the concert. Have you cleared a sufficient amount of space (and by that, we mean: did you clear out your 9,000 pictures of J-Hope’s selfies)?

Similarly, you should bring a good quality battery and charging cable along to prevent any mishaps and make sure you can record as much of the concert as you please.

6. Thinking you will buy your meal there.

Sometimes the idea of a concert will get you a little too hyped, and food may be the last thing on your mind. It’s important to remember to eat something to avoid getting lightheaded or dizzy, which is why we recommend bringing nonperishable food items such as a granola bar, trail mix, or any packaged food you enjoy.

This way, you won’t have to pay sky high prices for a greasy hot dog that will do more harm than good, and is also available to you from the convenience of your seat.

7. Not being the mom friend.

It is better to be the friend with Tums, aspirin, bandages, and hair ties than being the one who is asking around for these things. Having these little essentials on deck will make your life so much easier.

8. Ignoring weather circumstances.

Rain poncho, sunscreen, hand warmers, blankets; All of these items will protect you from the elements. In these situations, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. Looking up the weather beforehand and preparing for anything is a safe way to go.