20 Unusual Pieces Of K-Pop Content That Will Make You Ask “Why Does This Exist”

Does anyone actually know why these exist?

K-Pop has blessed us all with a lot of amazing content over the years. Not only do we get songs by our favorite artists, but we also get variety show appearances, reality shows, livestreams, and more! But within all that great content, sometimes we get introduced to something that is just so random and out there we can’t help but wonder why that piece of content exists! Although there are probably plenty more where these came from, here are some pieces of content that are really random but also really amazing.


1. BTS’s milk song

Yep! BTS once sang an entire song about the joys of drinking milk during an Inkigayo segment.


2. Dirty Eyed Girls

You’ve heard of Brown Eyed Girls, now get ready for Dirty Eyed Girls. Brought to you by 2AM and 2PM.


3. The silent fart guide

Did you know there is an actual guide for keeping your toots silent presented by none other than TWICE‘s Nayeon and BTOB‘s Minhyuk?


Yeah…we’re really not making it up we swear!


4. This chicken chicken chicken commercial

In a serious of random commercials for GMarket, Super Junior‘s Heechul and AOA‘s Seolhyun did some pretty random commercials that consisted of a lot of repeating and copies of themselves.


5. When MONSTA X tried to seduce Shownu

During an episode of Mnet‘s MSG, the members all tried to make their leader fall for them.


6. When SHINee signed up for Shawol Academy

The group dressed up and headed to Shawol Academy where they learned to cheer, make posters, and chase after…well…SHINee!


7. This video that was included in one of VIXX’s VCRs

This wacky dancing clip included in VIXX’s 2017 VCR is one that Starlights will never forget.


And really it’s better with sound!


8. Hwasa’s “Pink Panties”

Hwasa created her own very unique cover of “Blurred Lines”…


Only with pink underwear as the theme!


9. Shinyan…just Shinyan

It’s the cat version of SHINee that you didn’t know you needed.


We’ll just leave this here for your own enjoyment!


10. The BTS otome game

This otome-game style commercial starring BTS in multiple personalities will forever be iconic.


11. BIGBANG and Girls’ Generation’s Love Bakery 

Every fan knows those romance parodies their favorite groups do and while each of them is a little bit “why does this exist” this combination of Girls’ Generation and BIGBANG is so wonderfully wacky it’s a whole other level!



In the style of Heechul and Seolhyun’s GMarket commercials, when SEVENTEEN was getting ready for one of their comebacks they this commercial with Hoshi and DK


And another with Wonwoo and Jun!


13. BTS’s traffic songs

BTS didn’t just do songs about milk you know! They also did some traffic safety songs. They’ve currently got three versions released in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Now we need another one stat!


14. When SEVENTEEN taught us all to clap

SEVENTEEN once released a video teaching everyone how to clap! The best part…none of the claps are your average clap!


15. The “Gee” cover with the Better Late Than Never guys

Did you ever think you’d see Girls’ Generation performing “Gee” with William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, and Terry Bradshaw?


16. That time KARD’s J.Seph turned into Bob Ross

J.Seph once channeled his inner calm painter in preparation for one of their comebacks.


17. Bang Yongguk’s beauty commercial

Then there was that one time Bang Yongguk parodied a skin lotion CF that originally starred one of his favorite Chinese actresses.


How did he end up looking so pretty!


18. GOT7 Yugyeom’s shower escapades

Then there was this random video of Yugyeom heading in to take a shower. Who knows what the context is but dang!


19. Cosmic Girls’ kitty ASMR

Of course, who could forget when the members of Cosmic Girls ended up doing an ASMR session with a bunch of cute kitties?


20. Epik High’s introduction

Tablo once did this amazing introduction of Epik High for all international fans complete with plenty of memes!

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