10 Cringe K-Pop Moments That Will Give You Secondhand Embarrassment

#5 is so awkward! 😂

Idols might look super cool on stage, but offstage, they’re just like the rest of us! Check out 10 hilarious moments when their mistakes were just too cringe-worthy.

1. When MAMAMOO’s Wheein almost entered BTS’s car

Once, Wheein accidentally opened the wrong car door…in front of a bunch of fans!

When she realized her mistake, she ran!

Eventually, she made it to the correct car.

2. The mysterious ring

During ISAC, IZ*ONE‘s Yena felt a mysterious piece of jewelry!

However, it originally belonged to NCT‘s Yuta!

The boys’ reactions were classic!

3. ITZY saying the wrong award show name

ITZY‘s Yeji thanked the wrong show and her members’ expressions were hilarious.

The others were shocked…

…and Chaeryeong couldn’t stop cringing!

4. When Taemin tried to leave

As Music Bank’s encore was playing, the show was coming to a close.

However, Taemin’s famous exit immediately became a meme!

Committing to leaving, he kept walking off the stage when nobody else was moving.

5. TWICE’s Nayeon tried to blow her fans a kiss

However, EXO’s D.O walked in the way at the perfect time!

6. EXO Sehun’s legendary blunder

It all started when he was talking to NCT‘s Johnny at ISAC.

After getting separated, he went to talk to him again…

…only to realize he mistook SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan for Johnny!

7. BTS’s Jimin kicking himself on stage

Jimin’s mistake pushed him off his chair in front of a crowd of ARMYs.

Even J-Hope joined in on the fun and imitated him!

8. Wanna One’s hilarious betrayal

Jisung started dancing to Red Velvet when he was shown on the big screen, but Jihoon wasn’t having it!

The hyung ended up scolding him for not playing along, but the funniest part of all was Jihoon’s face!

9. Red Velvet’s Yeri getting hit with confetti and thinking it was NCT

Mark and Haechan were innocent!

10. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk just missing selfie time

I.M had no idea what was happening!