10 K-Pop Dance Practices And Performances Where The Backup Dancers Are So Good You’ll Get Distracted From The Idols

Some even have their own fancams!

Backup dancers are a huge part of K-Pop performances, and they can really help make or break a live show. Oftentimes they’re dressed differently — usually in more subdued clothing — so as not to be too distracting from the main performer(s), but sometimes, they’re just too incredible to not be captivated by! Here are 10 K-Pop dance practices and performances where fans of Reddit have agreed that the backup dancers were worth paying attention to — and were even a bit distracting from the main performer.

1. “Maria” by Hwasa

There’s no denying that Hwasa has incredible charisma and presence when performing, which makes the fact that her backup dancers still stand out even more impressive. Fans have brought up the male dancer with the arm tattoo in particular, and it’s easy to see why — not only is he easy on this eyes, but his movements are so fluid and flawless, it’s hard not to get distracted!

2. “Lalalay” by Sunmi

Sunmi is known for having some incredible backup dancers, a couple of which are famous in their own right as dancers and choreographers and are even known by name. The dancer in the video above is Juhee, and her fancam has nearly 2 million views on its own! It’s clear that she executes the dance incredibly well, which makes sense — she choreographed it, after all!

Another dancer from the same performance that got a lot of attention is Cha Hyunseung. He’s an incredibly well-known backup dancer in the K-Pop community, and has performed with other artists such as Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, EXO, Yezi, and more.

3. “Good Boy” by GD X TAEYANG

Oftentimes, YG Entertainment’s older K-Pop groups such as BIGBANG were more focused on vocal performance and charisma of the idols rather than them performing really difficult or intricate dances. That’s not to say they aren’t talented dancers, but as you can see from “Good Boy”, G-Dragon and Taeyang do a lot of improvisation rather than following along exactly with the choreography. This really helps the impressive backup dancers stand out even more, adding energy and movement to the performance!

4. “Blue Moon” by Kyungri

The male backup dancers in Kyungri’s “Blue Moon” performance were so impressive and fawned over — and absolutely killed it in those heels — that they actually had their very own dance break and teaser without the idol herself! Of course, Kyungri definitely completes the performance, but you can’t deny their charisma.

5. “This Love” by Shinhwa

There’s a lot of sassy posing near the end of “This Love”, and one backup dancer in particular has caught fans’ attention (he’s in the center around 3:05). He’s actually famous choreographer Choi Young Jun, and actually starred on Produce 48 as a dance instructor. The guy definitely knows how to move his body!

6. “With You” by Wonho

Oftentimes when a female dancer joins for a couple dance in the middle of a choreography, she leaves the stage once her part of the performance is complete. However, not only is the female dancer in Wonho’s “With You” a captivating dancer to watch, she ends up staying after her part with Wonho to continue dancing with the rest of the male dancers! It’s a nice change to see.

7. “Mmmh” by Kai

When it comes to an incredible dancer like Kai, it would be hard to find dancers that can keep up with him, let alone be distracting themselves. However, the dancers in Kai’s first solo single are incredibly sensual and captivating as well, and it’s clear that they were carefully picked to perform beside him!

8. “Really Really” by WINNER

Arguably one of the most viral backup dancers to be talked about in a dance practice video is the performer known simply as “the girl in the tan outfit” in WINNER’s “Really Really” dance practice. She has an absolutely stunning figure, which her outfit very clearly shows off, and the color choice of her clothing is a bit shocking at first since it can look like she doesn’t have anything on! Her dancing, of course, is also noteworthy as well, so it’s no wonder she gained so much attention.

9. “Gashina” (Part Switch Version) by Sunmi

Once again, Sunmi’s backup dancers somewhat steal the show when the genders switched parts in her popular “Gashina” choreography. One of the dancers in particular, Joo Yuri, has a fandom of her own, and was praised for being the one to suggest the dance switch version in the first place. Not only did she (and the other female dancers) flawlessly perform the male dancers’ parts, but the men did incredibly with the female dancers’ choreography as well! Yuri also has her own fancam from the performance.

10. “Fever” by GFRIEND

GFRIEND is known for having incredibly complex and difficult choreographies, so once again, it would take special dancers to be able to keep up. All of the backup dancers in this performance are incredible, but the male dancer with the dyed hair — Kim Jongchan — gained particular attention for his skills. Not to mention, the camera seemed to love him as well, with how much it focused on him!

Source: Reddit