Here Are 7 Hilarious K-Pop Idol “Photoshop Fails”

#5 was so obvious. 😂

These editing mistakes are hard to miss! Check out some photos of K-Pop idols that left us laughing at the strange Photoshop mistakes made by editors.

1. Gaeul (IVE)

In a recent group photo, fans noticed Gaeul’s arm was missing.

Gaeul (second from left) | @IVE_twt/Twitter

2. Jungkook (BTS)

Fans believed Jungkook was a victim of being over-edited when the shape of his nose and side profile appeared different than how he looks in real life.

Jungkook for Calvin Klein
Original side profile (left) vs. Edited version (Right)

Additionally, in a Coway advertisement, fans were upset to see one of his tattoos removed.

BTS for Coway
“J” tattoo on finger removed (Left) vs. Original (Right)


Editors received flack for their sloppy editing job with LE SSERAFIM’s debut concept photos.

Gap between Eunchae’s arm and Yunjin’s head

Upon closer look, there are gaps and strange editing mistakes.

Editing mistake on Garam’s arm

There are even extra limbs!

Extra limb behind Chaewon

4. Jungwon (ENHYPEN)

Jungwon failed to recognize himself in his own photocard and fans believe it was because his photo is heavily edited.

Jungwon’s photocard

5. Lee Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Mijoo laughed at her own photo when it was pointed out to her that the buildings in the background were curved due to sloppy editing.

Lee Mijoo | @queen.chu_s/Instagram
Curved buildings 

6. Winer (aespa)

Winter’s bendy phone was a dead giveaway that the photo has been edited!

Winter’s phone bends on the left side | @imwinter/Instagram


A fansite was criticized for overediting his photo at the airport, even adding makeup onto his face.

WOODZ (Unedited version) | Thus
Final edited version | Thus