Here’s 10+ K-Pop Fan Reactions To BLACKPINK Joining Weverse

BLACKPINK is officially in our area!

BLACKPINK is officially the latest artist to have joined HYBE‘s fan community platform Weverse!

Especially after a system error sent out a bunch of notifications for BLACKPINK’s posts to unsubscribed users, there have been mixed reactions. Nonetheless, in less than 12 hours, BLACKPINK’s community already has over 1 million subscribers, and fans can’t wait to see the members’ updates! Weverse is also home to fans of many groups and artists, such as BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, TREASURE, and many more.

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So, here are 10+ K-Pop fan reactions to BLACKPINK joining Weverse…

1. They didn’t lie though

2. Some Weverse users were just confused

3. But, many of us were beyond excited

4. “Do you get déjà vu, huh?”

5. It also felt a little bit like this at first…

6. We stan a supportive king

7. Spreading the love across the web

8. Some still wanted incentives for the notification jumpscares

9. Fans are hoping that they’ll now get their artists’ notifications on time rather than hours later

10. Accurate representation of the app right now

11. Still waiting for OT4 update

Read more about BLACKPINK joining Weverse below:

Weverse Issues Apology After BLACKPINK Notifications Were Sent To The Wrong Users

Source: Weverse
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