K-Pop Fans Discuss The Most Common Reasons Why They Stopped Stanning Their Once #1 Biases

Nothing lasts forever, it seems.

Love is a tricky thing indeed. And for K-Pop fans, no other statement could be more relatable. Even if a certain idol group and/or a member has been a favorite forever, it only takes a split second of a moment for that love to change. Sometimes the passion transfers on to another “bias”, sometimes it burns out completely — never to be kindled again. Seeing how rapidly the industry spins, K-Pop stan-hood is, perhaps, one of the most volatile emotions to exist in the world today. So what makes fans abandon fandoms and move on? Fans discussed the most common reasons they stopped stanning their #1 biases. Here are the top 10.

1. The Baby

Well, there’s a baby involved now, so…

Many K-Pop stans agreed that they fall out of love when the idol starts dating, gets married, and/or has a baby.

2. The Competition

I switched over to a younger, better-looking group.

For some, following the newest and the hottest group at the time is the name of the game.

3. The Burn Out

I didn’t have a solid reason… I was mad in love, but then I fell out of it one day. It didn’t feel the same anymore. I quit stanning my 5-year bias and switched over to NCT.

And for others, there is no one reason they can pin point down. It happens over time — The passion isn’t there anymore and the love kind of burns out.

4. The Other Fans

My fandom had a sh*t ton of psychos… LMAO. Just thinking about them makes me angry all over again.

K-Pop fans also dished that some of the more extreme fans in the fandom can become the reason they fall out of love — with the entire idea of being in that fandom.

5. The Whining

They simply wouldn’t shut up about how hard it was for them in their underdog days.

Some fans grow sick of the “same old story”.

6. The Blabbering

My ex-bias kept saying rude things that made me think, ‘What the hell does that even mean?’

Others grow sick of the “same old mistake”.

7. The Realization

I could see their hearts were not in it anymore… Haha. And I didn’t feel as connected anymore. It felt like they’re big and popular enough now, they don’t need me.

A number of K-Pop fans also agreed that once a group makes it to a certain level of popularity, they realize — or they feel like they are no longer as valuable as they used to be when the fandom size had not been to big — and that becomes a turn off.

8. The Attitude

It was like they didn’t give a f*ck anymore… Like, maybe it was their concept or whatever. But they would look aloof when they were on camera. Even when they won #1, they didn’t seem too happy? Lmao.

With years of stanning, fans come to know their biases a lot better. Sometimes, the stars’ true personalities aren’t quite what the fans expect — and that becomes an obstacle.

9. The Controversy

My ex-bias is friends with Jung Joon Young and watched the illegally filmed videos with him, so I quit.

K-Pop fans also shared that they find it difficult to forgive and keep embracing an idol who does unethical things and gets involved in socially controversial issues.

10. The Forced Quit

I didn’t quit, they quit. The group disbanded, f*ck.

Finally, another common reason K-Pop fans come to stop supporting their ultimate biases is because there is no other choice. When a group disbands, it shatters the fans’ hearts — and the fandom to irreversible pieces.

Source: Nate Pann