Fans Discuss 12 Older K-Pop Songs That Have Aged Well Over Time

Do you agree?

Recently, fans discussed on a forum about songs that they think have aged well. Going off of the idea that in K-Pop, trends are constantly changing and evolving and some older songs would sound “dated” if they were released today, they came up with a list of 12 songs that they think would still sound “timeless” if they were just released.

1. “Like OOH-AHH” by TWICE

“Like Ooh Ahh from Twice too in my opinion (cant say the same for Cheer Up).”

2. “Replay” by SHINee

“Shinee’s Replay amazingly still sounds great.”

“Replay is one of the best pop songs of all time. It’s perfect. Everyone loves it.”

3. “Rum Pum Pum Pum” by (f)x

“i honestly think rum pum pum pum could be released today and no one would think ‘this sounds like it’s from seven years ago'”

“RPPP doesn’t get nearly enough credit”

4. “The 7th Sense” by NCT U

“Almost 4 years and The 7th Sense would still be a major hit if released today”

“The choreography is also really cool, one of my favorites in Kpop probably”

5. “Crazy” by 4Minute

“4Minute – Crazy. I think they were ahead of time with this song. If this song came out in 2020, it would be one of the k-pop major hits.”

6. “One of These Nights” by Red Velvet

“Red Velvet – One of These Nights. As opposed to other catchy dance hits with an upbeat and energetic vibe, this song has very mature and dramatic orchestral arrangement. It really suits the ‘Velvet’ side of their concept. Timeless classic.”

7. “I Just Wanna Dance” by Tiffany

“Might be an unpopular opinion but I Just Wanna Dance by Tiffany.”

“I Just Wanna Dance & Heartbreak Hotel = two timeless masterpieces”

8. “Voodoo Doll” by VIXX

“I feel like a few of VIXX’s older songs (Voodoo Doll, maybe Hyde, Error, etc) would be HUGE if they released them today, since now people are releasing a lot of darker concepts and VIXX’s would still be extremely unique, but fit what everyone’s loving now at the same time.”

9. “Crazy Love” by DBSK

“Crazy Love deserved a music video and is a hit to this day. SHINE is my favorite single of theirs and will never age. SHINE is such a perfect pop song regardless of language and I love everything about this song from music video, to performances, to the song itself.”

“Yes, Crazy Love was my jam and still is! So glad all the old DBSK songs were finally released on Spotify this year.”

10. “Sugar Free” by T-ARA

“Sugar Free by T-ARA could have released any year and I think it’d still have been a hit.”

11. “Rough” by GFRIEND

“Most Gfriend title tracks since they don’t follow the trends of the time they were released. Rough is a classic example.”

12. “Mic Drop” by BTS

“BTS also have a lot but I feel Mic Drop sounds up to date and also dated, a timeless piece.”