K-Pop Fans Share Their “First Reaction That Comes To Mind” When Their Biases Rank Top On Search Trends

What would your reaction be?

Imagine this: The sun’s up, it’s a new day, everything seems peaceful and fine. You wake up from a good night’s sleep. You check your phone for the time. You pop open Twitter to see what went down while you’ve been out. And bam! — There you see it, the name of your K-Pop bias trending at #1. What goes through your head? What emotions are filling your heart? What words are flooding to your lips? Korean netizens shared their estimated “first reactions”, if they were to see their biases on the internet’s “Most Searched” list out of the blue one day.

1. The Scared

Most netizens shared that their initial response would be panic, like, “Oh no, what the f*ck did they do now?” They shared that they would probably tremble in fear as they clicked on the name, so afraid that their biases might have gotten involved in scandals that could haunt them for the rest of their careers.

2. The Optimistic

On the other hand, some netizens shared that they would try to remain calm and positive about it. One commented, “It could have been a large sum of donations to charity, who knows?” These “idealistic” fans pointed out that they wouldn’t “doubt” their biases because, after all, “What if they’re trending for all the right reasons?”

3. The Pessimistic

Another group of netizens shared that “If it came to that, it finally came to that.” These doubtful fans, who are always looking at the darkest side of it all, commented that they would probably sit there and say, “Well d*mn it, I knew this would happen one day.” At the very least, they added, they wouldn’t be disappointed because their expectations would have been low anyway.

4. The Numb

Then there was a group of netizens who reacted with no reaction. Two types of fans belonged to this group. One type — “Team Composed AF” — shared that Twitter trends don’t matter. They commented, “At most, it is probably about another celebrity with the same name.” The other type — “Team Trained AF” — shared that Twitter trends don’t matter anymore, because alas. They’ve seen their biases’ names on the list one too many times. What’s the fuss?

5. The Confused

A small number of netizens commented that they would actually feel utterly confused should they see their biases on the trending list, because there is rarely any reason for that to happen. These fans commented, “There wouldn’t be any panic or fear, nor would there be any excitement… It would just be 100% WTF? Why and how?”

Source: THEQOO