K-Pop Fans Turn Soccer Players Into K-Pop Memes — Here Are 20 Hilarious Examples

“Soccer players as kittens: A devastating thread”

In light of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony featuring BTS‘s Jungkook, K-Pop fans worldwide are joining in on the fun of following the global event. Most recently, in a thread started by Twitter user @Foivechxn, fans of different groups are coming together to post the funniest memes about their favorite soccer players — not their K-Pop biases! Check out some of the most hilarious tweets below that play on the K-Pop fandom’s most popular memes.

1. The king of airport fashion

2. Fancams for the one and only “It Boy”

3. The dreaded “Nugu” insult

4. Those “Did It Work” tweets

5. Hilarious threads that make no sense

6. A pro and his daesangs

7. “It’s them”

8. The little puppy paws

9. Best main dancer of 3rd gen K-Pop

10. The true Golden Maknae

11. The wings edits

12. All of this

13. Leaving work fansite photos

14. Bubble messages

15. Hope I get my bias’s photocard

16. These fans had their Y/N moment

17. Mochi recipe

18. Those cringy shipping tweets

19. Fanwars are over

20. He paved the way!