7 Of The Most Fun Choreographies In K-Pop, According To Fans

You can’t help but have a smile on your face after watching these dances!

There are countless entertaining dances in the K-Pop industry, and it’s impossible to pick all of the most fun choreographies for one list because there are so many! However, fans on Reddit recently came up with some of their favorite “fun” dances in K-Pop, and it’s hard to deny that they had some really great choices. Here are 7 of their top picks!

1. “Snap Shoot” by SEVENTEEN

All of SEVENTEEN’s dances are fun to watch, but some of their B-side tracks take it to another level!

While the group is known for having difficult and incredibly in-sync dances, they also know how to have a good time with their choreographies as well.

“Snap Shoot” in particular has so many funny interactions between the members, and you can tell how much fun they’re having just by the big grins on their faces.

It’s practically impossible not to be grinning yourself after watching this iconic, adorable dance!

2. “Wonderful Love” by MOMOLAND

“Bboom Bboom” may be the song that really helped MOMOLAND skyrocket into greater popularity, but before that came “Wonderful Love”, which has an adorable choreography.

The dance is incredibly bouncy and cute, not to mention it has approximately a thousand dabs sprinkled throughout the performance as well.

This is the dance that JooE also had this iconic part during the dance break, and it’s pretty much impossible not to laugh seeing how energetic she is!

3. “Awkward Silence” by Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a group that’s typically known to have intense, high-energy, and intricate dances that can be difficult to pull off, though they do it flawlessly.

However, when it comes to the dance for “Awkward Silence”, they proved they know how to have fun with their performances too!

The members’ personalities really shine through with their funny expressions and behavior, and you know they’re having a good time during this dance.

The bird noises in the song specifically bring a cute touch to the dance!

4. “Shine” by PENTAGON

“Shine” is probably one of the most iconic “fun” dances in K-Pop, so not including it on this list would be a crime!

There are so many viral dance moves included in the choreography that it was basically a given that the choreography itself would be well-received.

The PENTAGON members themselves were what really made the dance shine, though, and watching them so energetically and joyfully perform the dance will have anyone grinning in no time!

It’s no wonder this is still their most popular song and dance to date!

5. “War of Hormone” by BTS

BTS has so many fun and funny choreographies, it’s difficult to pick just one for this list!

However, “War of Hormone” was one of their first dances to really get attention for how hilarious and entertaining the choreography was, and for good reason.

There are so many iconic moments during the dance, such as V spanking Jimin’s butt, the general butt wiggling during the chorus, and Suga being carried through the air.

The “Real War” version of the dance, in particular, is hilarious to watch, and if you haven’t seen it already, you absolutely have to check it out.

6. “Devil” by Super Junior

Super Junior have been in the K-Pop industry for about fifteen years now, and in that time, they’ve released a bunch of fun, funny, and entertaining dances!

One of their relatively more recent ones that fans consider hilarious is their dance for “Devil”.

There are some great body wiggles, shimmies, and interactions between the members that you know must be fun to perform.

The best part of the dance by far, though, is the “freestyle” part, where the members mimic the person in the middle no matter what they do — which led to many fun, unique stages!

7. “Illusion” by ATEEZ

ATEEZ is another group that’s known for having many complex, difficult, and high-energy dances, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun, too.

“Illusion” is still an intricate dance to perform, but given how much fun the members seem to be having and how easy they make it look, it’s not hard to forget how difficult it is!

Once again, the interactions between members and their joyful expressions are what really make this dance a lot of fun.

It’s great to see that a group that’s known for their intense, high-energy stages also know how to have a good time with their dances as well!

Source: Reddit
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