15 Of The Funniest Fake K-Pop “2023 Met Gala” Moments

Fans get so creative with these! 😂

Korean celebrities have been getting a lot of attention with their incredible appearances at the 2023 Met Gala, with K-Pop idols like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and GOT7‘s Jackson Wang representing the industry with grace and elegance.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

With K-Pop idols appearing at the Met Gala for the last couple of years now, fans are excited over the possibility of their favorite idols being invited to the event at some point. And some of these fans get creative in pretending that their faves did end up going to the event by creating fake (and usually hilarious) “moments” from the Met Gala!

Here are 15 fake K-Pop 2023 Met Gala “moments” that fans have shared online that are sure to make you crack up.

1. There were so many memes made out of this cat! 😂

2. Balmain came through for Hongjoong!

3. There was so much effort put into this video 😂

4. An iconic look for Yeonjun.

5. We can’t believe this isn’t real!

6. This would be such a bold entrance and now it needs to be done.

7. Someone help him!

8. Johnny making a comeback at the Met Gala!

9. Someday this has to be made a reality.

10. Not another one! 😂

11. Taemin is the true star of the show!

12. Legendary, honestly.

13. These guys would definitely own the event!

14. It looks so real… 😂

15. We can just see these guys being goofs at the event!

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