20+ Hilarious No-Context K-Pop GIFs You Need In Your Camera Roll ASAP

#7 will make you wheeze.

In need of a pick-me-up? Scroll through these 20+ iconic K-Pop moments and try not to laugh at the absolute chaos!

1. Here’s the mystery poke that left everyone confused.

2. This is what instant regret looks like.

3. Where is my wallet?!

4. The show must go on.

5. “I’m an idol, not an athlete.”

6. Timing is everything.

7. “This field trip sucks.”

8. Expectations vs. Reality.

9. Taemin found out he has secret Hulk powers.

10. Here’s a hairpiece clinging on for dear life.

11. Bomi’s act sexy challenge: Failed.

12. Sometimes we’re I.M. and sometimes we’re Minhyuk.

13. Scoot scoot.

14. I’m_Sensitive.gif

15. “All around me are familiar faces…”

16. Nobody makes fun of people like Hyeri does.

17. Static.gif

18. Current Mood: RM.

19. No caption needed.

20. You may not see it, but there’s definitely a wall back there.

21. Sometimes, you just need to jam out.

22. Taking a selfie like:

23. Looking at your selfie like:

24. Fake_Laugh.gif

25. The eye contact with your idol you’ve always dreamed of.

26. Attack of the seagulls.

Source: TheQoo