15 K-Pop Girl Group Moments That Still Don’t Feel Real

Yes, #3 actually happened. 😂

No matter how many times fans watch these hilarious moments, they never get old! Check out some of the funniest moments from girl groups and female idols that still don’t feel real.

1. MOMOLAND’s JooE cheering for Stray Kids

2. IU doing aegyo at Cannes 2022

3. What Park Bom said when she was asked to speak Spanish

4. Former Girls Generation’s Jessica doing the opening pitch

5. WEKI MEKI’s Suyeon realizing she went live on the wrong channel

6. MAMAMOO’s Wheein accidentally almost getting into BTS’s car

7. TWICE’s Tzuyu dancing in silence with a staff member in the background

8. Red Velvet Irene’s honesty with Joy’s dating rumors

9. MOMOLAND’s confession about Jane

10. Somi accidentally breaking her trophy live

11. Dreamcatcher not understanding what it means to sing “Like Water” by Wendy

12. BLACKPINK’s Rosé accidentally summoning a ghost

13. Bvndit laughing at their own scores

14. MAMAMOO’s Solar reading this comment during a livestream

15. STAYC’s J being done with Sumin