Here Are The Shortest To Tallest Of 13 Third Generation K-Pop Girl Groups

There’s over a 3″ difference between the shortest and tallest!

The other day, we took a look at the shortest to tallest of several different third generation boy groups in K-Pop, as well as for different fourth generation boy groups and girl groups. Today, a list of the shortest to tallest girl groups from the third generation will wrap the series up!

Red Velvet’s Irene

Although there’s a fair amount of diversity within each group, there are definitely some that are overall taller or shorter than others, based on finding the mean height of all members within each group.


Here are the shortest to tallest of 13 popular third generation K-Pop girl groups!

13. Red Velvet

Member heights:

Irene: 158cm

Wendy: 159cm

Seulgi: 161cm

Joy: 167cm

Yeri: 158cm

Average member height: 160.6cm (5’3″)


Member heights:

Solar: 161cm

Moonbyul: 164cm

Wheein: 159cm

Hwasa: 160cm

Average member height: 161cm (5’3.5″)

11. Oh My Girl

Member heights:

Hyojung: 158cm

Mimi: 164cm

YooA: 161cm

Seunghee: 160cm

Jiho: 166cm

Binnie: 161cm

Arin: 165cm

Average member height: 162.1cm (5’4″)


Member heights:

Jihyo: 160cm

Nayeon: 163cm

Jeongyeon: 167cm

Momo: 163cm

Sana: 163cm

Mina: 163cm

Dahyun: 159cm

Chaeyoung: 159cm

Tzuyu: 170cm

Average member height: 163cm (5’4″)

9. CLC

Member heights:

Seungyeon: 163cm

Seunghee: 161cm

Yujin: 162cm

Sorn: 160cm

Yeeun: 166cm

Eunbin: 171cm

Average member height: 163.8cm (5’4.5″)

8. Lovelyz

Member heights:

Baby Soul: 156cm

Jiae: 163cm

Jisoo: 165cm

Mijoo: 165cm

Kei: 162cm

Jin: 165cm

Sujeong: 168cm

Yein: 166cm

Average member height: 163.8cm (5’4.5″)

7. Cosmic Girls

Member heights:

Exy: 166cm

Seola: 165cm

Xuan Yi: 166cm

Bona: 163cm

Soobin: 157cm

Luda: 158cm

Dawon: 167cm

Eunseo: 170cm

Cheng Xiao: 167cm

Mei Qi: 165cm

Yeoreum: 162cm

Dayoung: 161cm

Yeonjung: 168cm

Average member height: 164.2cm (5’4.5″)


Member heights:

Hyebin: 165cm

Jane: 167cm

Nayun: 168cm

JooE: 164cm

Ahin: 160cm

Nancy: 162cm

Average member height: 164.3cm (5’4.5″)

5. Weki Meki

Member heights:

Suyeon: 164cm

Elly: 161cm

Yoojung: 157cm

Doyeon: 173cm

Sei: 163cm

Lua: 166cm

Rina: 161cm

Lucy: 169cm

Average member height: 164.3cm (5’4.5″)

4. Dreamcatcher

Member heights:

JiU: 167cm

SuA: 162cm

Siyeon: 166cm

Handong: 165cm

Yoohyeon: 168cm

Dami: 163cm

Gahyeon: 160cm

Average member height: 164.4cm (5’4.5″)


Member heights:

Jisoo: 162cm

Jennie: 163cm

Rosé: 169cm

Lisa: 167cm

Average member height: 165.3cm (5’5″)


Member heights:

Sowon: 173cm

Yerin: 167cm

Eunha: 163cm

Yuju: 169cm

SinB: 166cm

Umji: 165cm

Average member height: 167.2cm (5’6″)


Member heights:

Solji: 170cm

LE: 168cm

Hani: 169cm

Hyerin: 167cm

Jeonghwa: 169cm

Average member height: 168.6cm (5’6.5″)