20 Random K-Pop Goods That Will Make You Think “Why Don’t I Own That?”

You need #6 ASAP.

Take a look at these 20+ K-Pop inspired goods that you probably didn’t know existed…until today. And you’ll need all of them, like, NOW.

1. Hope World Reusable Starbucks Tumbler

Etsy @ashleyspersona

2. Customized K-Pop Painted Denim Jacket

Etsy @Tenchittaphrrrr

3. “I Purple You” Beret

Etsy @cutieplease

4. Custom BTS Tweet PVC Card


5. Vinyl & Paper EXO Candy Stickers

Etsy @Donuteri

6. MAMAMOO Radish Pin

Etsy @iristotle

7. BLACKPINK Rubix Cube

Etsy @KpopSpecialShop

8. Customized Gem Phone Case

Etsy @peachymooncharms

9. “Big Tiddie Committee” Pin

Etsy @Ginshiart

10. “Monbebe” Necklace

Etsy @DramaramaDesigns

11. BTS Hair Scrunchies

Etsy @turningheart

12. SuperM Name Tag Pins

Etsy @LiimitLiz

13. Clear Glitter Jelly PVC Wallet

IG @almost.blue

14. Custom K-Pop Sneakers

BTS Jungkook’s homemade shoes for J-Hope

15. Aesthetic BLACKPINK Lightstick Keychain

Etsy @TeruTebo

16. NCT Lightstick Bias Decal

Etsy @geekishop

17. K-Pop Group “Thrasher-inspired” Tee

Etsy @ZeiaShop

18. BLACKPINK Rosé Candle

Etsy @KpopKandlesCo

19. CIX Kawaii Face Stickers

Etsy @moonjournalsco

20. Minimalist K-Pop Leather Bracelet

Etsy @oppangofficial