16 New K-Pop Group Debuts To Look Forward To In 2022

Who are you most excited for?

There have been some great K-Pop debuts so far in 2022, and there are plenty more to come that fans should look forward to! From a potential new BigHit Entertainment boy group to groups with former Girls Planet 999 and I-LAND contestants among their line-up, there’s a wide variety of artists to look forward to. Here are 17 K-Pop groups planning to debut sometime in the rest of 2022!

1. Trainee A

Trainee A is the temporary name of a group allegedly set to debut under BigHit Entertainment, home of BTS and TXT, in 2022. The line-up consists of seven members — Yorch, Leo, Sangwon, Woochan, James, JJ and Jihoon — and is particularly diverse with one Thai member (Yorch), one Korean-Australian member (Leo), one Thai-Chinese member (James), and one Japanese-American member (Jihoon).

2. TNX

TNX, also known as The New Six, is a pre-debut group with PSY‘s label, P NATION. They were formed by the survival show LOUD, and consists of six members: Taehun, KyungjunHyunsoo, Junhyeok, Hwi and Sungjun. Their debut date is set for May 17, 2022, with the mini-album Way Up to be their first release!

3. tripleS

TripleS is a 24-member pre-debut girl group under MODHAUS, which was created by former LOONA creative director Jaden Jeong. They plan to combine the worlds of NFTs and K-Pop, with the members rotating between group, unit, and solo projects based on fan choices. Fans will also reportedly be able to participate with the content of the group. So far they have just introduced one member, Yoon Seoyeon.

4. Starting House Girls

Starting House Girls is a pre-debut girl group under Starting House Entertainment. So far they have only released one member — Yoo Gaeul, a former Cube Entertainment trainee — and are currently releasing members, with the plan to debut sometime this year.

5. Witchers

Witchers is a pre-debut girl group under Blooming Entertainment. Originally with a five-member line-up, they currently have three members: SaebomNariu, and Roa, with Saebom a former member of the group myB. They’ve already released a COVID-19 hope song, “Song for Overcome”, as well as the OST “Love Letter” for the web drama Cinema Club.


BLANK2Y is a nine-member pre-debut boy group under Keystone Entertainment. The line-up consists of DK, Louis, Donghyuk, U, Siwoo, Mikey, Youngbin, Sungjun and So Dam, and their debut date is set for May 24, 2022. Louis is a former member of 1the9 after placing 3rd on Under 19, Donghyuk is a former member of ENOi, and Youngbin was a contestant on I-LAND.


LAPILLUS is a new pre-debut girl group under MLD Entertainment, home of MOMOLAND and T1419. So far only two members, Shana and Chanty, have been introduced, though the rest are supposed to start being revealed in the third week of May with a debut date planned for June 2022. Chanty is Filipino-Argentinian and Shana is Japanese, and Shana is also a former contestant on Girls Planet 999!

8. Inter Girls

Inter Girls is a four-member pre-debut girl group under Inter B.D Entertainment, with plans to add one more member via an interview soon. The current members include AireLeenaSeolhwa, and Whynn, and their debut is set for the first half of 2022. They released the pre-debut song “바쁘니까 끊어” last year.

9. Girls’ World

Girls’ World is a four-member pre-debut girl group under Liz Entertainment, with a line-up consisting of WindyKyrinHari, and A-ra. They were originally planning to debute on May 23, 2022, but it was delayed until June 20, 2022. Windy and Kyrin are twins, and they’re both former members of the pre-debut group Milkyway.

10. 05Class

05Class is an eight-member pre-debut girl group under JPlanet Entertainment with the concept that all members were born in 2005. Their line-up consists of Sua, Sihyeon, Yuna, Seoyeon, DunaGaeun, Geumhee and Yeham, and they’re planning to debut sometime this year.


ABLUE is a six-member pre-debut boy group under J Star Entertainment with plans to debut in the middle of 2022. Their line-up consists of Seunghee, H, Seongsoo, ON, YOU, and Sukjun. Nearly all of them are former members of since-disbanded groups such as BECZ and Limit.

12. Tracer

TRACER is a pre-debut girl group under Gleamedia, with four members currently in their line-up: AliceGenieSowon, and Yubeen.

13. 4seazn

4seazn is a four-member pre-debut project girl group made up of cheerleaders under Litchi MCN. Their line-up consists of SoojinHanaSohyun, and Baekseol. Soojin is the former leader of now-disbanded group RHEA.


IOLITE is a seven-member pre-debut girl group under a currently unrevealed agency. The only member revealed so far is Minjung with the rest set to be revealed in May 2022, and their debut date is planned for August 2022. Minjung is a former trainee at High Up Entertainment (where she trained with STAYC members), Starship Entertainment, and P NATION. She also ranked #45 on Produce 101.


Big-Dipper is a seven-member pre-debut boy group under A+ Entertainment with a debut date set for this year. Their current line-up consists of ONKim EunbinE.ROJMSiwooMinhu and Hwanhee, with four former members — Myunghoon, Suchang, Keil, and Choihyun — that left for personal reasons.

16. PBT

PBT (which stands for Professional Blessed Terrific) is a multinational pre-debut girl group under GKM NEO Entertainment that currently has four members: GrexGulnazarAhryung, and Jimin. They’re set to debut on August 1, 2022, and Gulnazar will be the first Uyghur idol to debut in South Korea!