5+ K-Pop Groups With The “Right Persons” But “Wrong Agencies,” According To Fans

It quickly became a trend on K-Pop Twitter.

A recent tweet has gained attention among K-Pop fans as they identify K-Pop groups with the “right persons” to achieve immeasurable success but with the “wrong agency” handling their promotions.

The trend started as a “right person wrong writers” trend, where people posted about ships in television shows and movies that didn’t work out in the plot. For instance, Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) and Andy Bailey (Adam DeVine) on the American sitcom Modern Family were a highly shipped couple, but the writers felt differently from fans.

The trend has since taken on a K-Pop twist as netizens talk about groups they believe deserve more success but were ultimately hindered by their agency. Of course, while a K-Pop group’s talents, charms, and music are integral to an artist’s success, the group’s management also plays a massive role in every step of the group’s career.

Here are six “right persons wrong agency” groups, according to K-Pop fans.

1. EXO

The initial tweet to start the K-Pop twist on the trend referenced SM Entertainment‘s EXO. Since their debut in 2012, SM Entertainment has been involved in multiple legal battles with members of EXO. While the group has achieved great success over the years, becoming one of the most familiar names in K-Pop, fans have been highlighting alleged mistreatment of the members over the years due to recent insights, according to EXO-CBX, about EXO’s contracts. Fans believe that EXO deserves far better treatment.

The information about EXO that has come to light has also raised concerns from fans about other SM Entertainment groups, like NCT or Red Velvet, which many other K-Pop fans include in this list of “right persons wrong agency” tweets.

2. Weki Meki

The first of two Fantagio groups on this list, many fans believe that Weki Meki never achieved the success that they could have. From having two former members of I.O.I (Yoojung and Doyeon) in their line-up to being at the forefront of the teen crush concept, fans believe that Weki Meki could have become an iconic third-generation girl group if they had been managed properly. Instead, for instance, fans have been waiting for the group to make a comeback since their last comeback “Siesta” in 2021.

And on the subject of post-I.O.I groups many K-Pop fans believe that groups like PRISTIN had incredible potential for success but were disbanded because of their company’s mismanagement.


Like Weki Meki, ASTRO is also under Fantagio. The members of ASTRO have continually proven their all-rounder capabilities, including writing lyrics for their music. Many fans believe that despite ASTRO’s talents, Fantagio has wasted their potential by not promoting the group properly, leading to one member, Rocky, leaving the group after deciding not to resign his contract with the company.

4. CLC

K-Pop fans have continually pointed out how Cube Entertainment seems to mismanage their artists, and CLC are no exception. Although the group has gained attention from fans over the years for their incredible versatility in pulling off every sort of concept, many fans believe that was also a key way Cube Entertainment hurt the group’s chances of success. When it came time for CLC’s contract renewal, despite the group insisting that they wanted to continue to promote as CLC, Cube Entertainment wanted them to promote individually instead, causing the members to move on to different agencies. However, Cube Entertainment didn’t release any news about CLC’s contract renewal, causing Choi Yujin (now of Kep1er) to break the news to fans.

Fortunately, since having gone on to forge their own paths, CLC are not officially disbanded and continue to support each other and even work together when possible.

5. SF9

SF9 is another group that has continually proven their tremendous talent, constantly impressing fans with their music and performances. However, many fans believe that FNC Entertainment overworks the group and seems to prioritize income over what the members want, like when Rowoon could not participate in the group comeback due to his acting schedule. Fans believe SF9 could become exceptionally successful if they had good management.


Although LOONA have achieved immense recognition from K-Pop fans, especially international fans, over the years for their impressive talents, extensive lore, and entertaining personalities, when BlockBerry Creative announced that Chuu would no longer be a part of the group, fans quickly came to understand the mistreatment that LOONA had faced from their company. As of now, the members all have filed to terminate their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative. Chuu is currently signed with ATRP, Heejin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry are now signed with MODHAUS, and Hyunjin and Vivi are now signed with CTDENM. The remaining members, Haseul, Yves, Gowon, Olivia Hye, and Yeojin are still currently signed with BlockBerry Creative. However, fans are hoping they will be able to terminate their exclusive contracts soon.

Although the future of LOONA as a group is uncertain, the members still have an undeniable family-like bond with each other, and fans hope that in the future, they will be able to promote as a group again without BlockBerry Creative.

Of course, there are many groups that netizens feel could have achieved massive success if they had had more assistance from their companies. What other groups would you include in this list?

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