Netizens React To Dispatch’s Bombshell Article Detailing Chuu’s Feud With BlockBerry Creative

Fans didn’t hold back.

On December 19, Dispatch released a bombshell report on Chuu‘s long-standing dispute with former label BlockBerry Creative.

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In the report, Dispatch revealed the “strange” accounting practices that BlockBerry Creative used to divide up revenue and expenses for the members of LOONA.

Dispatch Releases Explosive Exposé On Chuu’s Feud With BlockBerry Creative — Text Messages Shed New Light On Fall Out

The article points out that what was especially problematic was the label’s accounting practices, where expenses were subtracted only after the revenue had already been split.

Dispatch points out this practice allowed BlockBerry Creative, which already had a 7:3 revenue-share split in their favor and a 5:5 cost-sharing split with Chuu, would be able to transfer up to 20% of their expense responsibilities over to Chuu.

I did the math. If the expenses were more than 70% of the sales, then the final payment was actually a minus. It was a structure where the debt actually increased while I worked. I definitely signed a 70:30 split contract (70 to company, 30 to Chuu), but there were times it was 90:10 or 100:0.

— Chuu

Also, in the article, text messages where Chuu can be seen speaking in a manner audiences are not accustomed to seeing were also revealed. In the text messages, Chuu can be seen calling her agency “Incompetent” and labeling them as “Liars.”

Text messages between Chuu and employee |
  • Employee B: Jiwoo. I heard from management that you aren’t participating in LOONA album promotions. Is this true?
  • Chuu: No, I am going to participate.
  • Chuu: I’ve never ditched a schedule ^^. I have never not done a schedule after saying I wouldn’t broadcast anymore.
  • Chuu: Stop lying. I’ve never skipped a schedule and you people don’t even have the competency to get me a (broadcast) schedule, and you guys don’t even have a reason why I couldn’t cancel a schedule, so stop making me look bad.
  • Chuu: You guys really aren’t able to do anything other than lie. Tsk. Rest well~

But rather than criticize the idol, fans came to the defense of Chuu, pointing out the abhorrent conditions of her contract. One Twitter user’s comment has gone viral in which the user defended the idol.

Dispatch released the article saying it was exposing Chuu’s abuse of power, but I’m not sure what’s wrong with it. I’d be upset if someone borrowed money from me and didn’t pay it back after a month. Imagine working your tail off and generating ₩900 million KRW (about $687,000 USD) in revenue, but after six years, they only give you ₩70.0 million KRW (about $53,400 USD)… The fact that Chuu didn’t curse them all out shows she is an angel.

— @museun_happen/Twitter

Another Twitter user also stated they didn’t see any reason to criticize Chuu. Especially given the atrocious accounting practices as well as the other ill-treatment that Chuu suffered under BlockBerry Creative.

Wasn’t Dispatch on Chuu’s side? They (BlockBerry Creative) contacted her mother because Chuu spoiled a few choreography moves, unfairly made her liable for an extra 20% of the expenses, scheduled a MV the night before Chuu’s commercial shoot, and patronized her. The more I read, I can’t help but defend Chuu.

— @moondae_luv/Twitter

Netizens in online communities also came to the defense of Chuu. Many criticized BlockBerry Creative, and some even criticized Dispatch for allegedly trying to make it seem like Chuu was in the wrong.

| Theqoo
  • “I’m sure they collected only the worst messages, but even still (it isn’t that bad) LOL. I didn’t understand the 7:3, 5:5 split until I read the example with ₩100,000 KRW (about $76.30 USD), and I was shocked, LOL. Isn’t that theft?”
  • “If a regular person went through something similar at their workplace, they would have filed a lawsuit after a month. The fact she spoke the way she did tells me she held back a lot.”
  • “In any case, the label launched the group because they had the necessary funds. Why are they telling the members that they are broke now? They are the type of company to first hire and then try to negotiate down their paycheck, LOL. And let’s say her language was a little stern but is that abuse? They should first understand what it is she is telling them. Did they release the article to criticize the way she spoke?”
  • “Seeing how they are bringing her mother into this mess, I would have caused a ruckus at the company. A one-second spoiler, LOL. Is the company going bankrupt because of it?”
  • “Is it her right or an abuse of power? It’s her right.”
  • “She would’ve made more if she just worked a normal part-time job.”
  • “Wow, Dispatch is shielding the label? This means Chuu is a freaking saint and a victim, LOL. I wonder why Dispatch always re-enacts text message exchanges. It’s a sure-tell sign of manipulation.”
  • “I can tell how much stress Chuu must have been under… I just feel so bad for her. I can tell how much anger she must have felt. Chuu, I’ll root you on from here on out. A label that calls that an abuse of power is disgusting.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo
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