Fans Voted These 10 K-Pop Groups As The Best Debuts Of 2021

Which debut was your favorite?

2021 has seen many new K-Pop groups debut, some from more well-known companies while others are under lesser-known ones! Recently on website Ranker, fans were able to vote for which rookie group that debuted in 2021 they believe to be the best so far this year. With thousands of votes tallied, these are the top 10 results!

10. TRI.BE

TRI.BE debuted under TR Entertainment on February 17 with the single album Da Loca and title song “Doom Doom Ta”. Since then, they have also released another single album, Conmigo, with the title song “Rub-A-Dum”, as well as the mini-album Veni Vidi Vici with the title song “Would You Run”.

9. Ciipher

Ciipher debuted under R.A.I.N. Company on March 15 with the mini-album I Like You and title song “I Like You”. Since then, they’ve also released another mini-album titled Blind with a title track of the same name.


JUST B debuted under Bluedot Entertainment on June 30 with the mini-album Just Burn and title song “Damage”. They’re set to release their first single album, Just Beat, on October 27 with the title track “Tick Tock”.


KINGDOM debuted under GF Entertainment on February 18 with the mini-album History of Kingdom: Part Ⅰ. Arthur and title song “Excalibur”. Since then, they’ve released a second mini-album, History of Kingdom: Part II. Chiwoo, with the title song “Karma”, and just yesterday released their third mini-album, History of Kingdom: Part III. Ivan, with the title track “Black Crown”.


MIRAE debuted under DSP Media on March 17 with the mini-album KILLA and title song “KILLA”. Since then, they’ve released a second mini-album, Splash, with a title track of the same name.


PURPLE KISS debuted under RBW on March 15 with the mini-album Into Violet and title song “Ponzona”. Since then, they’ve also released a second mini-album, Hide & Seek, with the title track “Zombie”.


OMEGA X debuted under Spire Entertainment on June 30 with the mini-album Vamos and title song “Vamos”. Since then, they also released a single album, What’s Goin’ On, with a title track of the same name.


EPEX debuted under C9 Entertainment on June 8 with the mini-album Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Anxiety and title song “Lock Down”. Since then, they’re also set to release a second mini-album, Bipolar Pt.2: Prelude of Love, on October 26 with the title song “Do 4 Me”.

2. T1419

T1419 debuted under MLD Entertainment on January 11 with the single album Before Sunrise Part. 1 and title song “Asurabalbalta”. They’ve since released two other single albums: Before Sunrise Part. 2 with the title track “Exit”, and Before Sunrise Part. 3 with the title track “Flex”.


MEGAMAX debuted under Inmedia on September 8 with the mini-album Painted Love and title song “Painted÷Love:)”.

Source: Ranker
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