10 K-Pop Groups That Have Both An English And A Korean Name

These groups have not one, but two names!

A K-Pop group’s name is always fascinating with it’s many meanings and connections to the group’s concept, and there are some groups who have not one, but two names! Here are 10 groups that have 2 names; one that’s Korean, and the other in English!

1. Girls’ Generation

This top girl group is known by international fans as Girls’ Generation, but in Korea, they’re known as 소녀시대 (Sonyeo Shidae), which translates to “Generation of Girls”. The names are also often abbreviated to either GG or SNSD, and they’re well-known by both names!

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2. BTS

The group is known as BTS worldwide, but their name is actually an abbreviation of their Korean name! Their Korean name is Bangtan Sonyeodan, which literally translated to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. In 2017, the group attached an additional meaning to BTS, “Beyond The Scene”, which refers to them moving beyond their realities, and moving forward to the future!


LOONA has one of the most interesting names out there! Their English name is LOONA, but the name is actually derived from their Korean name, 이달의 소녀 (Idarui Sonyeo), which translates to “Girl Of The Month” or “This Month’s Girl”. The Hangul letters that inspired the name LOONA are ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ, which are each an initial consonant in the spelling of their Korean name. The letters are then rearranged to ㄴㅇㅇㄷㅅ, which spells LOONA in English!

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4. ZE:A

ZE:A is another group that has both an English and a Korean name! Their name in Korean is 제국의 아이들 (Jegugui Aideul), which translates to “Children Of The Empire”. Inspired by their agency’s name, Star Empire Entertainment, their English name is comprised of the first two syllables of their Korean name, “je” and “a”, and then romanized to ZE:A!

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GFRIEND is probably one of the best-known groups with an English and a Korean name! Their English name is GFRIEND, while their Korean name is 여자친구 (Yeoja Chingu), which means “Girl Friend”!


While the girl group has two names, in English and Korean, they are more often known by the abbreviated form of their Korean name, WJSN! WJSN’s English name is Cosmic Girls, which is indicative of their concept where each of the 13 members is given a desginated constellation. Their Korean name is 우주소녀 (Uju Sonyeo), which translates to their English name, and also makes up the initials for the name WJSN!

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GWSN is the abbreviated form of the group’s Korean name,  공원소녀 (Gongwon Sonyeo), which directly translates to “park girl”, and contributes to their English name, “Girls In The Park”!

| The Wave Music

8. CSJH The Grace

CSJH The Grace is one of the OG K-Pop groups, and have an English and Korean name as well! Formed in 2005, the group first began promoting with their Korean name, CSJH (천상지희, stands for CheonSangJiHui), and later on, started using their English name more, which is The Grace. The group soon began both their names together, as CSJH The Grace, and made history as a girl group!

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9. (G)I-DLE

In Korea, (G)I-DLE is known as (여자)아이들 (yeoja aideul), but is pronounced as “IDLE” only! The letter “G” in parenthesis is silent, but many international K-Pop fans are used to calling them “Gee-Idle”!

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10. TVXQ

While included in this list, TVXQ’s name is actually abbreviated from their Chinese name, 東方神起 (or Tong Vfang Xien Qi), which translates to “Rising Gods Of The East”! In Korea, the group is mostly referred to as DBSK (동방신기, or Dong Bang Shin Ki), which translates to the same meaning as their Chinese name!

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