10 K-Pop Groups With No-Skip Discographies, According To Korean Netizens

Hard to pick a favorite in this list 🔥

For many K-pop groups, success isn’t just about chart-topping singles and eye-catching music videos — it’s also about crafting albums where every track is a potential hit. Among fans and Korean netizens, the term “no-skip discography” has become a badge of honor, representing albums where every song is worth listening to.

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Recently, a spirited discussion unfolded on Instiz, a popular Korean community site, where netizens debated which K-Pop groups have achieved this rare feat.

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1. BTS

The global phenomenon BTS is renowned for their diverse discography. Their B-sides, like “Pied Piper” and “134340,” are as celebrated as their hits, showcasing their ability to blend genres and deliver powerful messages.

2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s unique “Red” and “Velvet” concepts allow them to explore a wide range of sounds. Tracks like “Kingdom Come,” “Underwater,” and “Bamboleo” have gained a cult following for their innovative blend of R&B and pop.


As a relatively new group, LE SSERAFIM has already made a mark with their cohesive albums. Songs like “Blue Flame” and “Impurities” exhibit their ability to balance vocal prowess with catchy melodies.

4. NCT Dream

Known for their youthful energy, NCT Dream has an array of B-sides like “Déjà Vu” and “Quiet Down” that are as compelling as their title tracks, showcasing their versatility and growth as artists.


ZEROBASEONE might be a fresh new group, but their discography is already a hidden gem. Tracks like “Take My Hand” and “Our Season” are fan favorites, praised for their lyrical depth and intricate production.

6. SHINee

As veterans in the industry, SHINee has consistently released albums where every track is a standout. Songs like “Odd Eye” and “SHIFT” have become iconic, showcasing their unmatched vocal and dance skills.



SEVENTEEN is not only known for their synchronized choreography but also for their all-rounder capabilities in music production. B-sides like “Habit” and “Lie Again” are beloved for their emotive lyrics and melodies.

8. EXO

EXO’s albums are a journey through various genres. Their B-sides, including “Gravity” and “Playboy,” are just as impactful as their main tracks, demonstrating their vocal prowess and stylistic diversity.


BLACKPINK may have fewer songs than others on this list, but their discography is filled with quality over quantity. Songs like “See U Later” and “Kick It” are as powerful and catchy as their leading tracks.

10. NCT 127

NCT 127’s unique sound is evident in their B-sides. Tracks like “Love On The Floor” and “Jet Lag” have gathered a dedicated fanbase, thanks to their experimental sounds and captivating lyrics.