8 Popular K-Pop Groups Of The Past That Have Sadly Been All But Forgotten, According To Fans

How many of these artists have you listened to?

There are few things sadder in the K-Pop industry than to see your favorite artist stop releasing music and become basically silent without any future plans. It happens more often than we’d like to see, and even groups that had promising careers at one point can be the victims of such a fate. Recently on Reddit, a post was created for K-Pop fans to share which groups they think have been forgotten about after being popular in the past. Here are 8 of their top answers.

1. SS501

SS501 debuted in 2005, and some of their biggest hits are “Love Like This”, “Love Ya”, and “U R Man”. While the group hasn’t officially disbanded, each of the five members are pursuing their own solo careers.


MBLAQ debuted in 2009, and some of their most well-known songs include “This is War”, “Smoky Girl”, and “Scribble”. Joon and Thunder left the group in late 2014 to pursue solo careers, and while the remaining three members haven’t said they’ve officially disbanded, they’ve been inactive since 2015.

3. B.A.P

B.A.P debuted in 2012 and, for a time, was even considered one of EXO and BTS‘s biggest competitions! Some of their most popular songs include “One Shot”, “Warrior”, and “1004 (Angel)”. Sadly, after a messy lawsuit with their label, TS Entertainment, in 2014-2015, the group’s success suffered and all of the members have since left the label as of 2019. Once again, though they haven’t officially disbanded, they haven’t released music as a group since 2018.


INFINITE debuted in 2010 and became known for their unique sound and impressive choreography with hits like “The Chaser”, “Bad”, and “Man in Love”. Hoya ended up leaving the group in 2017, and since then they all have ended up leaving their former label, Woollim Entertainment, as of 2022. Once again, however, no official disbandment has been announced despite their last group music release happening in 2019.

5. B1A4

B1A4 debuted in 2011, with some of their most well-known songs including “Baby Good Night”, “Lonely”, and “Beautiful Target”. The group performed well until Baro and Jinyoung left after their contracts expired in 2018, and while the remaining three members are still together, military enlistments have kept them from being active as a group for over a year.

6. T-ara

T-ara debuted in 2009, and some of their biggest hits include “Roly-Poly”, “Lovey-Dovey”, and “Bo Peep Bo Peep”. Sadly, due to accusations of “internal discord” among members in the group, their growing popularity declined in 2012 and never quite made a comeback to their original hype. The group dealt with members leaving and line-up changes, and eventually went on an indefinite hiatus in 2018 to let the remaining members pursue solo careers. They did reunite to release an album in 2021, but have been quiet otherwise.

7. Secret

Secret debuted in 2009, with some of their biggest hits including “Madonna”, “Magic”, and “Poison”. They had a good run as a group until Sunhwa left after her contract expired in 2016, and two years later, there were reports that Jieun and Hyoseong were in legal disputes with their label, TS Entertainment. The group officially disbanded in 2018 after the lawsuits led to contracts being terminated and the members leaving their label.

Forgotten K-Pop groups that were once popular in the past from kpopthoughts

8. Miss A

Miss A debuted in 2010 under JYP Entertainment, with some of their biggest hits including “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “I Don’t Need a Man”, and “Only You”. As a JYP Entertainment group, they did relatively well for several years until they went on an unexpected year-long hiatus from late 2013 until 2015. Their following release, Colors, the group went on an indefinite hiatus until they were officially disbanded in 2017.

Source: Reddit
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