10 K-Pop Groups Praised By Fans For Never Playing It Safe

They have definitely earned this praise. 😍

Among the numerous groups vying for the spotlight, some refuse to tread the beaten path, opting instead for a journey less predictable. Be it through unique concepts or experimental music, there are several groups popular among fans for never “playing it safe.” Here are ten acts acclaimed for their daring choices in music and concept.

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1. Red Velvet

With a discography as colorful as their name, Red Velvet is a quintet that embodies versatility. Hits like “Zimzalabim” and “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” are testaments to their experimental nature, where they blend quirky soundscapes with eclectic visuals, continually reinventing themselves and subverting expectations.

2. (G)I-DLE

This girl group is known for their self-produced music, particularly by member Soyeon, who has a hand in writing and composing most of their work. Their sound is an audacious mix of genres, often accompanied by powerful performances that showcase their unique identity.

3. OnlyOneOf

Daring in concept and execution, OnlyOneOf has carved a niche for themselves with their avant-garde approach to music and storytelling. Their aesthetic is not just in their sounds but also in their visuals and lore, engaging fans on multiple levels.

4. NCT

NCT’s experimental sound is matched by their “infinite” member concept, housing sub-units like NCT 127, NCT U, and NCT Dream. This allows for a limitless array of musical styles and group dynamics, continually keeping fans on their toes.

5. SHINee

A veteran group that has consistently pushed the boundaries of K-Pop, SHINee is known for their trendsetting fashion and innovative music. From R&B to funk and everything in between, SHINee has a discography that’s as diverse as it is impressive.

6. Billlie

Mystic Story‘s rookie group has long been making waves with their storytelling and unique concepts. Billlie has already shown a penchant for bold creative decisions in their music and music videos, indicating a promising future filled with risks and rewards.


ATTEZ  has rapidly risen in the ranks of K-Pop with their powerful performances and anthemic songs. ATEEZ doesn’t just perform; they command the stage with a presence that speaks to their willingness to embrace the unconventional.

8. f(x)

Although currently inactive, f(x) left an indelible mark on K-Pop with their experimental pop sounds and edgy concepts. Albums like Pink Tape and Red Light are lauded for their innovative approach to music and style.

9. Dreamcatcher

Infusing rock and metal elements with pop, Dreamcatcher stands out with a concept that’s as dark as it is captivating. Their music videos, often horror-inspired, complement their haunting melodies and intricate choreography.

10. ITZY

ITZY burst onto the scene with a message of self-confidence and a sound to match. With catchy hooks and a bold attitude, they’ve established themselves as a group that’s unafraid to experiment and challenge the norms of the idol image.

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