7 K-Pop Heartbreaks That All Fans Have To Suffer Through

Fans all go through this, but they don’t have to go through it alone.

K-Pop brings joy to millions of fans all over the world, but with that joy comes heartbreak too. Here are 7 devastating situations that all K-Pop fans must overcome, sooner or later.


1. Not being able to attend a concert

This is one of K-Pop’s most common heartbreaks, and with over 10 K-Pop acts going on tour at the same time this year, many fans are experiencing it right now. There are a variety of reasons why some fans can’t attend the show of their dreams, but the end result is the same: disappointment, and lots of it.


2. Never meeting your bias in person

Fans dream of meeting the idols they’ve admired for years, but the chances are slim. It’s especially hard to meet idols who don’t hold meet-and-greets or travel to your country. Even so, fans can keep hoping and dreaming because, the truth is, you never know. Some people have bumped into idols in the most unlikely places!


3. Scandals

Whether it’s a dating scandal or something far more serious, it’s always difficult for fans to watch the people they admire go through hardships.


4. Military service

There are few things fans dread more than a male idol’s 28th birthday because they know that he will be enlisting soon. Two years feels like an eternity to fans who are waiting for their beloved boys to complete their military service.


5. Injuries

When an idol experiences a severe accident or injury, fans feel their pain too. Many fans go to great lengths to do whatever they can to support injured idols from afar.


6. Members leaving the group

Sometimes an idol chooses to leave their group or agency for professional or personal reasons. It isn’t easy for fans to watch this departure, but they get through it by staying positive and supporting the departing member in his or her future endeavors.


7. Disbandments

Every fan hopes there will never be a day when “we are” becomes “we were”. If it was up to fans, their favorites would stay together until the end of time. Unfortunately for many groups, this isn’t the case. Even so, fans get through this heartbreak by supporting the members (and each other) in any way they can.