K-Pop Idol Fan Site Masters Drop Tons Of BTS Photos For April Fool’s Day

Content overload.

It’s that time of year again! Every year for April Fool’s Day, K-Pop idol fan site like to drop different idol photos, giving fans a bunch of new eye candy.

Among the many photos released, ARMYs were happy to see that many fan site masters shared a bunch of BTS photos! Let’s take a look at some of these photos!

The 95ers

Worldwide handsome Jin

V for visual king

Cherry Jungkook

Baby kookie

The maknae line

Suga looking soft and fluffy

A smiling Jungkook to make our day

Suga’s gummy smile

Our forever sunshine J-Hope

Best leader RM

The ‘Gwangsan’ Kim brothers

Adorable x2

Jin’s godly visuals attacking us once again

Let’s not get started with sexy J-Hope…

…or Jungkook.

Sweetie pie Suga

Aw what a touching group photo!

Ok, just leaving this last one here…


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