10 Hilarious K-Pop Idol Stage Mistakes That Live In Our Minds Rent-Free

#4 is so unserious. 🤣

From technical difficulties to choreography mistakes, things can sometimes go wrong on stage. However, some of the moments have given us some of the best laughs over the years! Check out some of the funniest K-Pop stage mistakes below.

1. OH MY GIRL’s Mimi made her fall look like part of the choreography.

She kept going like a champ!

2. BTS’s J-Hope turned a slippery stage into a cool dance move.

Luckily, he wasn’t hurt from the dangerous situation!

3. The camera panned from Red Velvet to TWICE’s Jeongyeon backstage.

She was patiently waiting as an MC!

4. The Boyz’s Eric suddenly interrupted (G)I-DLE’s stage by mistake.

He was testing his microphone backstage, but his voice went through the speakers.

5. Red Velvet’s Wendy almost broke the stage prop.

She might have pulled the popsicle a little too hard.

6. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua went too fast during the song’s choreography, but made it look like it was all on purpose.

This takes skill!

7. TWICE’s reaction when the music suddenly stopped.

Their reactions are priceless!

8. Super Junior didn’t know the stage lift was behind them — and leaving without them.

Fans had to let them know by yelling!

9. EXO’s Chen fell hard, but he did it with swag.

He made it look like part of the show.

10. OH MY GIRL’s Jiho walked in on Arin’s ending fairy moment and it was the greatest.

We can never forget this!

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