8 Idols Who Raise Some Of The Cutest Puppies You’ve Seen

Their pets are just as adorable as themselves!

Numerous idols raise pets that are sometimes even as famous as themselves. Here are 8 idols who raise such adorable puppies that fans have fallen in love with them too!


1. EXO’s Sehun

EXO’s Sehun raises a Bichon Frise named Vivi.


While Vivi used to be a small puppy, it’s now grown into a big adorable fluffball!


2. BTS V

BTS fans will already know that V raises a teacup Pomeranian named Yeontan.

It’s also not a secret that Yeontan often overshadows even the BTS members with its cuteness!


3. Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon raises a Schnauzer named Max.

He once said in an interview that Max’s specialty was looking at him with puppy eyes.


4. VIXX’s Ravi

Ravi raises a French Bulldog named Butt.

Butt has the most adorable shiny black eyes.


5. TWICE’s Tzuyu

Tzuyu has a puppy that’s just as cute as Tzuyu herself!

Tzuyu’s puppy is named Gucci.


6. AOA’s Seolhyun

Seolhyun’s fluffy brown puppy is named Dungchee.

He has one of the most beautiful, innocent expressions on his face!


7. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy began raising a tiny Maltese last year.

The lovely little puppy is named Haetnim.


8. Taeyeon

Taeyeon has two Mini Poodles: Zero and Ginger.

Taeyeon likes to take her puppies everywhere and as a result, fans have completely fallen in love with her dogs as well!

Source: Dispatch