Here Are The 6 Funniest Idol Responses In English During Live Broadcasts

“I’m crying in the club.”

Whether they’re taking memes too literally or giving a hilarious response to fans, some of the funniest livestream moments come from bilingual idols who give iconic English responses. Check out some of the most notable moments below!

1. Chungha’s extremely relatable response to a fan who wants to do in better in school.

When a fan asked her in the chat to teach her how to study, Chungha held nothing back!

She can give all kinds of advice — just not study tips.

2. Mark (NCT)

A fan made everyone laugh when they asked a random question about Mark’s favorite Doja Cat song.

What was even funnier was Mark’s odd and almost suspicious reaction to the question!


When someone commented for Rosé to “throw it back,” she immediately got a big smile on her face.

She wasn’t sure if the fan wanted her to twerk!

4. Key (SHINee)

Key read a comment from a fan, quoting a hilarious meme.

However, Key took it a bit too literally when he thought they were actually in the club.

5. RM (BTS)

English pick-up lines are the way to RM’s heart — and his reaction proves it!

6. Kevin (The Boyz)

The topic of Rihanna’s latest album came up during Kevin’s livestream.

When he looked it up and realized it had been many years, he was shook!

Check out the full compilation below.

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