Here Are 8 Viral Trends That K-Pop Idols Popularized, According To Netizens

Remember when the world was crazy for #3? 😂

When it comes to fashion, food, or just about any lifestyle choices, K-Pop idols are trendsetters. They help to spread trends throughout Korea and some have even gone worldwide. Check out some of the most notable things that netizens think K-Pop idols started the trend for below!

1. Apink Son Naeun’s Adidas Leggings

When a video of Son Naeun practicing choreography in Adidas leggings went viral, it didn’t take long for netizens to start calling them “Naeun leggings.”

Her flawless figure helped popularize the look and created a new sporty fashion trend at the beginning of 2015.

Check out the video below!

2. ITZY Yuna’s ZARA Bag

Yuna was obsessed with her “Rock Style Flap Shoulder Bag” and carried it just about everywhere she went! Despite looking like an expensive designer bag, it’s actually from ZARA and costs only $50 USD.

Because of it’s affordability and style, the bag quickly became a trend and is now sold out on ZARA’s website.

3. Girls’ Generation’s Colored Skinny Jeans

With the release of “Gee” by Girls’ Generation, the members’ iconic colored skinny jeans created a trend.

In the early 2010s, it was totally normal to collect all kinds of colored skinny jeans!

4. f(x) Crystal’s Tennis Skirts

Krystal’s pleated tennis skirts became a viral trend during the 2nd generation of K-Pop.

Even nowadays, many idols bring back the iconic preppy look!

5. IU’s Slime

IU’s love of slime introduced many people to the hilarious (yet satisfying) trend!

6. EXO Sehun’s Bubble Tea

While many people knew about bubble tea before Sehun’s obsession, he helped popularize the delicious drink in Korea.

7. Bunny Hats

Bunny hats with moving ears that are activated by pressing buttons took over the world of K-Pop around 2019.

The hats made their way to the general public with all kinds of spin-off versions available, including familiar characters like Pikachu!

8. Finger Hearts

Finger hearts have been a symbol known worldwide. Representing love, the adorable hand gesture was popularized by K-Pop idols and Korea.

The symbol is so well-known that there’s even an emoji for it!

Source: Instiz