10 Idols With 1-Letter Stage Names That Make A Big Statement

These names are practically un-Googleable, but they’re awesome nonetheless.

These single-letter K-Pop idol stage names may be a nightmare to search for on Google, but despite being so short, they make a big statement.

1. V (BTS)

V is the stage name of BTS’s lead dancer Kim Tae Hyung. Before he debuted, he had three possible stage names on the table: Six, Lex, and V. Ultimately, both his fellow members at the agency decided V fit him best, so he went with V to stand for “victory.”

BTS’s V | Big Hit Music


Q is the stage name of THE BOYZ’s main dancer Ji Chang Min. Several years ago, he explained that he chose his stage name because the letter “Q” gives him the feeling that everything is starting.

THE BOYZ’s Q | Cre:ker Entertainment

3. N (Vixx)

N is the stage name of VIXX’s main dancer Cha Hak Yeon. While you may think this name came from the English alphabet, it was actually inspired by Japanese. In Japan, the last syllable of N’s real name is pronounced “en,” which translates to “fate” or “destiny.” As such, N chose the name because he believed it was his destiny to meet fans as an idol.

VIXX’s N | tvN


L is the stage name of INFINITE’s visual Kim Myung Soo. The only member of his group who has a stage name at all, L revealed he chose the name began of his resemblance to the character L from the famous anime Death Note.

INFINITE’s L | Management Esang

5. Y (Golden Child)

Y is the stage name of Golden Child’s main vocalist Choi Seong Yoon. In a past interview, he revealed he chose Y to represent Yoon, the last syllable of his real name.

Golden Child’s Y | Woollim Entertainment

6. J (STAYC)

J is the stage name of STAYC’s maknae Jang Ye Eun. Originally, she almost debuted with the stage name Cindy, but fans think J suits her perfectly—and it’s her first initial too.

STAYC’s J | Highup Entertainment

7. K (TST)

K is the stage name of TST’s main dancer Kim Ah In. It’s likely he chose the letter because it’s the initial of his family name, Kim.

TST’s K | JSL Company

8. M (Shinhwa)

M is the stage name of Shinhwa’s main dancer Lee Min Woo. While he original went by his real name as a celebrity, he chose the stage name M for his solo artist activities back in 2003.

Shinhwa’s M | Shinhwa Company

9. U (ONF)

U is the stage name of ONF’s main dancer Mizuguchi Yuto. Since U is pronounced the same as the first syllable of Yuto, that’s likely where he got the idea.

ONF’s U | WM Entertainment

10. I

I is the stage name of soloist Cha Yoon Ji, the younger sister of Baro. In a past live broadcast, she explained that she chose the name because she wants to be the “I” who is dancing and singing. Plus, she also liked its other meanings and homonyms: “me,” “eye,” and “love,” which is “ai” in Chinese.

I | WM Entertainment
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