K-Pop Idols Who Asked For Fans’ Help For The Most Unexpected Tasks

From photoshop to furniture hacks…fans got them covered!

The relationship between K-Pop idols and their fans often differs from the usual celebrity-fan dynamic. Sometimes, when an idol has been in the business for long enough, get the chance to be their honest and unfiltered self in front of fans who have also spent years supporting their career. So, it is not completely uncommon for these stars to seek out help from their fans when they get in a pickle.

Though most of the time, fans are more than happy to help out their favorite idols, there are some stars who managed to leave even the most devoted fandom surprised by their unexpected requests.

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

SEVENTEEN are often known to be one of the most chaotic boy groups in the industry. In the true spirit of the group, Hoshi once managed to send fans into a laughing fit and be endeared at the same time with a wild request. Back in April, the singer uploaded his own concept photos on Weverse and, in the caption, politely asked if someone, who was not busy at that moment, could help crop his picture into the 4:5 aspect ratio. The idol also mentioned that he had nobody else to ask for this favor, which made the situation even more amusing for fans.

Carats fulfilled his request within minutes, and Hoshi came back on Weverse to thank fans for the help. When a fan asked how he found these edited pictures on Twitter, he answered that all he had to do was look up his own name, and voila!

Umji from VIVIZ

VIVIZ’s Umji | @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

In 2020, Umji suddenly hit up fans on Weverse with an unexpected problem. The singer posted a picture of her narrow drawer, explaining that her eyeshadow palette fit so well into the little boxed section that she couldn’t lift it at all.

| Weverse

This is eyeshadow (makeup).

It surprisingly fit in the little drawer compartment so perfectly that I haven’t been able to take it out in two months. Does anybody know how to get it out? I’ll give you the honorable buddy award, hahahaha.

My fingers won’t work, and I tried using my vacuum cleaner, but that won’t suck it up either, and not even double-sided tape works. I tried everything!

I’m wondering if I have to resort to my worst-case scenario and go to the fish market to borrow an octopus.

– Umji

A fan came to the rescue and suggested she use a fork to lift up the palette. Thankfully, the trick ended up working, and Umji could save her poor palette after two months of captivity. She sincerely thanked the fan under her post as well!

| Weverse
| Weverse


Oh my goodness… Success!



– Umji

| Weverse

Thank you so much… I feel like I gained a new makeup product thanks to you.

– Umji

V of BTS

BTS”s V | @thv/Instagram

BTS‘s V often comes to Weverse to interact with fans as if they are his closest people. Back in 2020, he once came to ARMYs with a unique request. In a post, he declared that he wants to change his autograph and needed their input to create a new signature.

He turned it into a true contest and even added some basic requirements to give ARMYs a better idea of what he was looking for.

Immediately, Weverse was filled with unique and clever autograph designs, some of them even winning V’s praise. But it’s not certain whether the idol really changed his signature to a fan-created one after that.

Siwon of Super Junior

Siwon from Super Junior | @siwonchoi/Instagram

Out of all the idols on the list, Siwon‘s fans were definitely carrying the heaviest responsibility when he reached out to them for help. It was in 2018 when the Super Junior member was visiting Osaka, Japan and got lost during his morning jog! He uploaded a tweet, letting everyone know he couldn’t figure out where he was, and asked people to help him based on his pictures.

I don’t know the way. I ran without reservation. It was so nice! But I got lost. I’ll upload the pictures soon.


While the situation was tricky, some managed to find a little humor in the situation. Others advised him to use his phone’s navigation app, which ended up solving the problem for Siwon. He later updated fans that he found his way back safely.

You must  live wisely without losing your goals. No matter what the circumstances may be, gratitude is never lost. Let’s not be swayed. Everything is a matter of my mind.

— Siwon