5+ K-Pop Idols Who Attended MONSTA X’s 2022 No Limit Tour In Seoul

The stars were out on Day 3!

MONSTA X‘s 2022 No Limit Tour was recently extended to Seoul. They performed three concerts from September 2-4.

From left: MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, I.M, Minhyuk, Joohoney, and Kihyun. | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

From the start, MONSTA X received lots of love and support from family and families in addition to MONBEBE (their fandom). On Day 1, Minhyuk‘s parents and skeleton racer Yun Sung Bin attended.

Day 1 | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

On Day 2, Kihyun‘s parents and brother, Hyungwon‘s parents, and I.M‘s parents all attended.

Day 2 | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Day 3 also had quite the number of attendees, many famous.

Day 3 | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

So, here are 5+ K-Pop idols who attended Day 3 of 2022 No Limit Tour in Seoul


Singer-songwriter HEIZE recently collaborated with I.M on “DISTANCE.” The two reunited at the concert!

2. Lee Young Ji

The rapper represented all of us MONBEBE with her viral reaction to the concert.

She also reunited with Joohoney and Hyungwon, who previously guested on her YouTube show, No Prepare.

Hyungwon (left) and Lee Young Ji (right). | @youngji_02/Instagram


— @youngji_02/Instagram

Joohoney (left) and Lee Young Ji (right). | @youngji_02/Instagram

3. MONSTA X’s Shownu

Shownu doesn’t let his mandatory military enlistment keep him from being the best leader!

This time, he joined as MONBEBE.

Earlier this year, he reunited with the members and MONBEBE for 2022 MONSTA X FAN-CON.

Shownu Joins MONBEBE And Reunites With Members For 2022 MONSTA X FAN-CON

4.ASTRO’s MJ, JinJin, Moonbin, and Sanha

Behind Shownu was none other than boy group ASTRO!

They have such a strong bond, often supporting each other.


Labelmates CRAVITY showed support for their sunbaes!

Honorable mention: Coda Crew

I.M used to be in the underground K-hiphop crew, and they came out to support him.