Lee Young Ji Had The Realest Reaction To Being Spotted At MONSTA X’s Concert And Here’s Why

She had a good reason for it.

MONSTA X recently hosted an encore of their 2022 No Limit Tour. Their show went on from September 2 to 4 in Seoul. Of course, they made sure to invite their friends to the show. As members Joohoney and Hyungwon got acquainted with rapper Lee Young Ji through her YouTube show, No Prepare, they gave her a comp ticket.

She was spotted in the upper floor seats by eagle-eyed fans. True to her usual style, her response to being found was hilarious.

Lee Youngji at the concert. | @imim_xox/Twitter

While fans gushed over how pretty she was in real life, Youngji tried to redirect fans’ attention to the main stage. She even made an ‘X’ with her arms before turning away and putting her head down in embarrassment.

If you’re wondering why her reaction was so intense, the next photo from her POV will tell you why. A fan who was seated behind Youngji snapped a photo of the view from the upper floor. Literally everyone in the crowd had turned around to look up at Youngji! Youngji herself reposted the photo with the caption, “a review of going to MONSTA X’s concert.

| @dokgodieinsaeng/Twitter

Unsurprising, given how every video of hers on No Prepare hits over millions of views! She made sure to take photos with the two members who had guested on No Prepare, after the concert.

Joohoney and Youngji. | @youngji_02/Instagram

She even dubbed them “God-STA X“.

Hyungwon and Youngji. | @youngji_02/Instagram

We sure bet she didn’t expect to be the center of attention at the concert! Want to know who else went to see the concert? Check out the list of idols who attended below.

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