Here Are 6 Female Idols Who Look Tall But Are Actually Shorter Than You Think

You might be taller than some of them!

These female idols often leave fans shocked by their true heights. Due to their model-like proportions, they seem tall — but in reality, most of them are quite short! Check out some of the idols below whose real heights might shock you.

1. Momo (TWICE)

Though fans might guess Momo is around 5’6″, her true height is 5’3.7″ (162 cm).


Lisa’s long and slender build makes her look extra tall, but she’s actually 5’5.3″ (166 cm).

3. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

When with her members, Seulgi appears taller than she truly is: 5’3.3″ (161 cm)!

4. YooA (OH MY GIRL)

YooA’s long legs are surprisingly deceiving. Standing at only 5’2.6″ (159.2 cm), most people can’t believe her real height!

5. Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Upon first glance, Mijoo might have you convinced she’s quite tall. However, her true height is more on the average side at 5’4.9″ (165 cm).

6. Miyeon [(G)I-DLE]

Though Miyeon is 5’3.3″ (161 cm), she doesn’t seem like it due to her long legs.

Source: Instiz