3 K-Pop Idols Who Made Heartbreaking Confessions So Far In 2021

“As an idol, it hurt me the most when someone said, ‘You’re a product.'”

In 2021, many K-Pop idols have honestly spoken about some of the hardships they’ve endured. Here are 3 K-Pop idols who have made heartbreaking confessions so far in 2021.

1. HA:TFELT (Former Wonder Girls member Yeeun)


Singer HA:TFELT recently sat down for an interview and spoke about her days as a Wonder Girls member. HA:TFELT shared that her days as a Wonder Girls member are unforgettable.

Wonder Girls is my twenties. It’s an unforgettable time for me because everybody ranging from a young age to old age remembers Wonder Girls. I’m really thankful.


While HA:TFELT has been showered with a lot of love as an idol, she’s also had to endure a lot of harsh things as well. She revealed that people have looked down on her and labeled her simply as a “product.”

As an idol, it hurt me the most when someone said, ‘You’re a product.’ I would hear that one way or another. Now that I think about it, that could be it, soundwise. But it was really hurtful to hear at such a young age.

My worth and existence just meant my commercial value. That commercial value was me


HA:TFELT also shared that being labeled this way made it difficult for her to love herself.

I couldn’t distinguish between the two, and that made it hard for me to love myself. I would only look at what I was bad at and would get disappointed. I think that kept tying me down.


Now, HA:TFELT is a successful singer-songwriter who also was a part of one of the most iconic girls groups in K-Pop! 

2. Yuju (Cherry Bullet)

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju recently sat down for an interview with the YouTube channel KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC. During the interview, Yuju shared that she suffers from a condition known as osteochondritis dissecans, or OD for short. Osteochondritis dissecans is a joint disorder that causes cracks in the bones and cartilage, which can cause pain, inflammation, and movement difficulties, especially during physical activity. Yuju shared that her ankle is the afflicted joint.

I’ve never talked about it before, but my ankle is really weak… It’s a joint condition where the bone is about to break loose. I couldn’t control the condition, so it got worse.

— Yuju

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju | KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC/YouTube

Yuju shared that her condition makes it difficult for her to walk. Yuju also shared that she’s cried several times when undergoing treatment.

I cried a lot as I received treatment because I felt sad.

— Yuju

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju | KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC/YouTube

Yuju also kept all of this to herself, as she didn’t want her loved ones to feel bothered.

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju | KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC/YouTube

Thankfully, Yuju is now receiving lots of love from fans and even shared that she’s cried while reading touching letters from fans.

Cherry Bullet’s Yuju | KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC/YouTube

3. Choa (Former member of AOA)

Former AOA member Choa

In an episode of tvN‘s On & Off, former AOA member Choa revealed that she weighed under 40 kg during the first few years after debuting. Choa shared that she tried to lose weight multiple times during her early days as an idol since she was self-conscious about how she looked.

No matter how much weight I lost, I never ended up being pretty.

— Choa

Choa also shared that she wanted to lose weight because of the celebrities she saw on stage.

 When I saw celebrities on stage, they were so cool.

— Choa

Thankfully, Choa no longer diets like this.