These 12 Male K-Pop Idols Have Broken Gender Norms To Prove Crop Tops Can Look Stunning On Anyone

We love seeing K-Pop idols confidently breaking gender norms!

The fashion aspect of the K-Pop industry is constantly pushing boundaries and creating new and unique designs and styles, and it’s always fun to see what kinds of trends develop from such innovations! While crop tops in general have been around for a while, it’s only been in recent years that it’s become less uncommon to see male idols wearing them, which is a shame — they always look incredible! Here are 12 different male K-Pop idols that weren’t afraid to break gender norms and boldly rocked crop tops.

1. Yeosang (ATEEZ)

Yeosang is known to put a lot of energy into working out, and it shows — between his ripped arms and toned abs, we love seeing him look so confident in these kinds of cuts!

2. Taeyong (NCT/SuperM)

Taeyong’s style is as unique and daring as he is sometimes, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s rocked a crop top on a couple of occasions!

3. Kang Daniel

While Kang Daniel may not have worn crop tops numerous times, he looked so good in one, we’d love to see it happen again!

4. Wonwoo (SEVENTEEN)

Wonwoo blessed Carats by wearing a crop top during the “Left & Right” era of SEVENTEEN, showing just how much his hard work in working out has paid off!


5. San (ATEEZ)

San made ATINYs’ hearts go wild wearing this style during the “Fireworks (I’m The One)” era in ATEEZ’s discography, and we love seeing how confident and powerful he looks in a crop top!


6. Byeongkwan (A.C.E)

Most of, if not all, of A.C.E’s members have worn a crop top of some kind or another at one point, and Byeongkwan has treated fans to the sight multiple times!

7. Seungwoo (VICTON)

Seungwoo took it a step further once by wearing a full harness underneath his crop top, which took so many fans’ breaths away!

8. Wonho

Wonho has long worn outfits that show off his ridiculously impressive musculature, and we hope he doesn’t stop anytime soon!

9. Donghun (A.C.E)

Another member of A.C.E that has rocked crop tops, Donghun’s pink hair in this era really pulled the fun look together!

10. Moonbin (ASTRO)

Moonbin’s already impressive and captivating dance abilities look even more stunning in this kind of style.

11. Taemin (SHINee/SuperM)

Taemin isn’t shy in avoiding more androgynous looks and styles, so it’s not a surprise that he has confidently worn crop tops several times!

12. Kai (EXO)

And finally, any list about male idols in crop tops wouldn’t be complete with arguably the king of crop tops, Kai! He’s worn them many times during his career, and looked stunning in all of them.