K-Pop Idols Reveal 7 Secret Methods To How They Date Without Getting Caught

Idols may have the no-dating rule, but they can work around it with these tips and know-hows!

One of the first things given up by K-Pop idols in exchange for the spotlight is dating. Some agencies micro-manage their rookies by making a “no dating” rule, yet star couples are born all the time. So what’s the secret? Current and former idols share seven important secret-dating tips for celebrities.

1. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri also tipped that using the facilities that idols use can be quite helpful to landing a date. By going to the same hair stylist or hair salon, and delivering messages through the staff there, idols communicate with each other.

2. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny pointed out it’s always a good idea to have a third wheel, preferably someone who guarantees no scandals. So by tagging a widely-known best friend along the date, idols can turn a secret date to look like a friends’ get-together.

3. Moon Heejun

Often, idol groups do not have access to their own cellphones, especially during the rookie days. Moon Heejun‘s trick is to use a device that is provided by the agency for reviewing articles and monitoring performances. By installing a messenger or a social media application, idols can use this device to communicate and set up dates!

4. H.O (formerly of MADTOWN)

H.O commented that idols’ secret dating is often done over the phone as well. He explained it’s not too difficult or weird for idols to ask around among other idols or trainees if they know the specific person of interest. Using connections like this, idols get each other’s numbers and “hit up” each other to see if there will be sparks!

5. Jisook (formerly of RAINBOW)

For most idols, leaving the dorm is another obstacle to clear when going on a secret date. The trick to avoid any suspicion, as shared by Jisook, is to carry a jumprope around. This way, if caught, the idol can pretend he/she was on the way to work out!

6. Kan Mi Youn (Baby V.O.X)

OG K-Pop girl group Baby V.O.X‘s Kan Mi Youn hinted that gifts, like the new CD exchanges, can be a great way to get a date. By sliding a note inside these seemingly innocent gifts, idols can communicate the day and time for a secret date!

7. Han Eun Jung

Actress Han Eun Jung shared that simply covering up the face might not be enough. For certain idols who have distinct features that fans easily recognize, like their unique voices, styles of speech, or accents, she tipped that it is best not to talk too loud, if not at all, when there are people around. She explained because of her different voice, she would always get caught no matter how hard she covered up!

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