16 K-Pop Idols Who Just Had A Really Rough Day On The Job

Someone help them, please!

We’ve all had days when things just weren’t going quite like how we expected them to, and it’s the same for K-Pop idols. From embarrassing moments to snack disappointments, here are a few idols that have had a really rough time just living life.

1. The time almost every member of Super Junior forgot about the stage

The group was performing and was supposed to step up onto the rising platform but obviously forgot about it. At least a few of the members were able to jump aboard before it got too high up!

2. BTS Jungkook’s muscles actually failed

Jungkook is known for his amazing strength so when they asked him to show his muscles off on Beatles Code, he happily obliged. The only problem was that things didn’t go quite according to plan!

3. When BLACKPINK’s Lisa found out what trampolines are really like

Lisa and Rosé were out for some fun at the trampoline park and were learning the right way to bounce. Just when everyone thought Lisa had the hang of it… This happened!

4. GOT7 Jackson’s really unlucky ice cream break

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice ice cream cone, unless of course, it ends up on the ground like it did with Jackson!

5. When GFRIEND’s Yerin got a sneaky snake surprise

Yerin didn’t seem bothered by the snake wrapped around her, but when the snake got a little too handsy then there was a bit of a problem!

6. SEVENTEEN’s DK just wanted a good snack

You know those little silica gel packets that show up in a lot of snack bags to keep things fresh and you’re never supposed to eat? Well, poor DK almost ate one at a fan meeting. The good news is as soon as he put it in his mouth he realized what had happened and spit it out!

And DK wasn’t the only one to be fooled by the tasty snack. S.Coups also almost fell victim to it!

7. When GOT7 JB’s past came back to haunt him

Those embarrassing ads, promotions, and photos always seem to come back around eventually. Just ask JB!

8. When BTS’s Jin wasn’t having any luck standing

BTS was performing “Just One Day” when Jin drew the short end of the stick and had a very wobbly time on the prop bed.

9. When NCT Jisung’s fringe got in the way

Apparently fringe is not a friend of Jisung. It decided to tangle itself up and poor Jisung had to work to get his two sleeves separated from each other!

10. When JYJ’s Jaejoong played human dominos

One wrong move by Jaejoong created a chain reaction of disaster!

11. When Davichi’s Minkyung swallowed confetti

Confetti might be pretty but it always seems to be out to get idols. Exhibit A, Minkyung

12. When B.A.P’s Youngjae got a taste of confetti

And Exhibit B, Youngjae!

13. When BTS’s RM was a few inches over too many

RM was just a little bit too close for comfort during this performance. A few quick tugs later and he was exactly where he was supposed to be!

14. TWICE Sana’s aerial error

Poor Sana was just trying to get the hang of the aerial ropes but ended up crying out for help when she got stuck upside down.

15. When EXO’s Sehun thought he was talking to NCT’s Johnny

Sehun was hanging out and having a nice chat with Johnny at the Idol Star Athletic Competiton

But when he wandered away for a second and came back, he suddenly found himself talking to SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan. In his defense, they were both wearing the same color and the same stunning visual!

16. The time TVXQ’s Changmin thought his water bottle could do amazing things

A water bottle in one hand and a microphone in the other, it’s really not a surprise that Changmin got the two mixed up and tried speaking into his water bottle!

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