13 School Assignments You’d Actually Want To Do Thanks To K-Pop Idols

From idols in textbooks to K-Pop on exams, studying just got better!

While studying or doing homework isn’t always the most exciting thing around, some teachers and universities have been making things a little sweeter by including K-Pop into the syllabus! From surprise textbook appearances to amazing K-Pop exam questions, here are just a few times that schools actually made students want to work on their assignment with some help from our favorite idols!

1. EXO’s Suho will teach you everything you need to know about etiquette

EXO‘s Suho is well-known for his gentlemanly behavior and has gone viral on more than one occasion because of it! In fact one sweet act of helping Kim Yuna off stage at a special event in 2015…

Became an example of good behavior in a business etiquette training booklet!

2. We’d do our assignment in a heartbeat if TWICE’s Tzuyu was included

Homework isn’t exactly the most exciting or enjoyable thing to do…or is it? When a ONCE discovered a question about TWICE and a few more questions about Tzuyu in their school assignment, they couldn’t help smiling!

Then again, who wouldn’t be smiling after seeing Tzuyu and TWICE on their assignment!

3. The best way to get college credit? With a course on BTS of course!

ARMY were given a really good reason to enroll at the University of California, Berkley when the university decided to offer a course on BTS!

The course, entitled “Next Generation Leaders: BTS” is a part of the school’s student-run democratic education program and explores BTS’s history, artistry, global impact, and more! Sign me up for the next semester!

4. You can’t fall asleep in class if you find your BIGBANG bias in your textbook

Having trouble staying awake in class? If yes, then you probably don’t have BIGBANG keeping you company!

Thanks to BIGBANG’s appearance in one Filipino VIP’s textbook, the fan was able to kick their tiredness and stay awake in class.

5. College entrance exams stressing you out? Never fear, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Yoona have you covered!

College entrance exams may just be the most stressful exams you can possibly take but one university in Japan made at least a little bit of that stress melt away by having Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and Yoona appear in a Korean language exam paper.

6. Music class has never been more fun thanks to TWICE and H.O.T

When you’re given the syllabus for your classes, you probably don’t expect to see some of iconic K-Pop groups on the list but in 2018, fans were excited to discover both TWICE and H.O.T had officially been added to the syllabus for music classes in Korea!

7. SEVENTEEN’s Jun is synonymous with art!

Since SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and art go hand-in-hand it makes sense that a Chinese publisher included him in an art textbook. The photo, although an older pic, was spotted in September 2019 by a lucky fan in a ninth-grade textbook published by Jiangxi Art Press.

Image credit: 牧笙MU

8. Even GFRIEND were excited to learn they were part of a fan’s exam

Teachers have been surprising BUDDY for years by including GFRIEND in plenty of tests, exams, and assignments.

But BUDDY weren’t the only ones in for a surprise when one fan found “You Are My Star” on their exam. After sharing the news on Weverse, Yuju couldn’t help sharing her fascination with the whole thing!

9. You wouldn’t be saying “TT” if TWICE’s “TT” made a surprise cameo in your exam

Back in October 2017, one story went viral of a lucky ONCE’s exam find — TWICE! In the midst of their exam, the stumbled upon a question about TWICE’s “TT” complete with an adorable photo of Dahyun! And I’m like “TT” that TWICE never showed up on any of my school exams!

10. Nothing is sweeter than “Honey” (in your lecture)

Learning and getting to groove to your favorite tunes at the same time? What could be better! One professor at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines played EXO Lay‘s hit “Honey” in the middle of her lecture and had the whole world ready to sign up for her class!

11. BLACKPINK is the revolution for learning

BLACKPINK is the revolution even when it comes to learning! Fans were absolutely delighted to find Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Jennie on a school exam!

12. Petition for Berkeley to use this textbook for their BTS course

Your bias group will always be there for you…even when you’re studying! @its_not_elsie discovered a whole table about BTS in a Global Studies textbook!

13. A little more classroom discussion with MAMAMOO

You know those test questions with dialogue? The ones you have to read like 3 times to figure out who’s who? Well, you would never have to do that if the dialogue was between the MAMAMOO members like it was for one lucky Korean MooMoo.