15 K-Pop Idols That Have The Sharpest Eyes

Their glares could cut you!

Lots of idols have certain unique physical charms that they’re known for, whether it be facial features, their build, or otherwise. There are many idols that are considered to have sharp, fox-like eyes that make them look cunning, clever, and mischievous. Here are 15 idols that have this gorgeous, unique trait.

1. ITZY’s Yeji

2. VIXX’s N

3. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

4. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

5. BTS’s V

6. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

7. TWICE’s Dahyun

8. MONSTA X’s I.M.

9. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

10. NCT’s Ten


11. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

12. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

13. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

14. GOT7’s JB

15. MONSTA X’s Jooheon